PE and Sports Premium Reports

Sports Premium Information 2018-19

Vision and Aims

At our school we will provide an inspiring, supportive and aspirational environment built on Christian values. We will ensure that all children have an equal chance to become happy, responsible, highly skilled individuals who can contribute positively to and shape the world they live in.

We will achieve this through securing:

  • Christian values and principles, embedding them in all aspects of school life.
  • Inspirational and forward-thinking leadership that empowers all stakeholders to be part of a learning culture and are committed to the pursuit of excellence and achieving the vision for the school.
  • Strong and effective partnerships with parents, the wider community and beyond.
  • Highly effective, creative teaching which motivates and inspires all children and supports them in achieving their best.
  • An engaging, innovative curriculum which challenges all children is responsive to their needs and talents and actively encourages learning outside of the classroom.
  • A positive learning culture, that is safe, exciting and challenging for all.

Mission Statement: Inspiring and Empowering People

St Michael’s Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium Statement 2017-2018 (click for document)

See below for the Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium Statement 2018-19 - a total of £17,000 has been received:

Swimming 2018-19

Year 6 Cohort

% of pupils who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over at least 25m: 69%

% of pupils who can use a range of strokes effectively: 66%

% of pupils who can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations: 18%

The current Year 6 cohort will be benefiting from a number of water-based activities during their residential visit in the Summer Term 2019.