School Uniform


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We urge parents to support the following recommendations for school wear.  Uniform gives children a sense of belonging to their school through a unity of appearance.  The majority of parents find it a blessing!



Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge

White shirt or blouse with either grey trousers, shorts, skirt or tunic

Black or grey opaque tights (in colder months)

Optional: Summer dress - red and white check


Shoes                     Pupils should wear proper black shoes, plain black trainers or boots to school (no strappy shoes or high heels).  Please ensure that if your child is wearing boots that these are ankle length only and are plain with no high heel. Especially in the younger years, the children may be asked to remove boots when in the classroom as they can become uncomfortable for them when sitting on the carpet area. Children should have available in school alternative footwear (e.g plimsolls) to wear in the classroom when the weather is wet and muddy.


P.E/Outdoor Kit (All Pupils) – children should have access to this in school on a daily basis

Red Polo Shirt with school badge or a plain red polo shirt

Navy or black shorts (not cycle shorts)

Track suit for outdoor winter games (plain navy or black)

A plain pair of trainers



Ear-rings and studs are strongly discouraged.  They can be a danger in P.E. if they are caught on the apparatus etc. and may not be worn in these lessons.  Pupils must remove their own ear-rings or studs or cover them with plasters for P.E. and games.  Please try to encourage children to wait until they are older before having ears pierced!


Long hair must be tied back. Alice bands and hair accessories should be in one plain colour.  Nail varnish and other fashion accessories are not allowed – please save these for weekends and holidays.  Jewellery (apart from watches) should not be worn. Smart watches are not permitted,


Socks should be plain and either grey or white in colour.


Bookbags are recommended, particularly in the lower half of the school. These can be plain or purchased with the school logo on.


School Sweatshirts, Cardigans, PE T-shirts and Book bags are available from Brigade Clothing:




Children are welcome to wear school uniform or are asked to wear a plain tracksuit or t-shirt/shorts in the warmer months.


Please mark all clothing with child's name


In times of financial hardship, please do contact the school directly to enquire about bursaries to help support with uniform costs. We also hold stock of second hand uniform should anyone wish to donate or to access.