Collective Worship

Collective Worship

At St Michael’s Church of England School, we affirm and value every member of our school community. We recognize each child and adult as unique and special to God and have a commitment and responsibility to provide the best possible education within a caring Christian community. Worship is central to the life and purposes of St Michael’s school community.

All acts of worship are in accordance with the founding Church of England Trust Deed and the Ethos Statement in the school’s Instruments of Government. School worship is an affirmation and celebration of the Christian values and ethos of the school.

Worship is an inclusive activity which encourages and invites participation by everyone present, of all faiths and none and is rooted in the Christian understanding of God as Trinity. This will include belief in; God the source of all being and life; Jesus who reveals God’s love by his life, death and resurrection; the Holy Spirit who makes the presence of Jesus known in the world.

There are occasions where we change the timetable, such as when we have special guests in to school or to respond to events in the local and global community.

Pupils are involved wherever possible in the delivery of worship and increasingly in the planning and evaluation of it.

We have a four year collective worship plan which is centred around Christian Values.

The structure of our worship reflect the Anglican traditions of ‘ gathering, engaging, responding and sending’ (GERS). We encourage a range of responses from the children including:

  • Pupils’ contributions
  • Sacred and secular stories/readings
  • Dance/drama
  • Prayer/meditation/songs/hymns/music
  • Artefacts/natural materials
  • Visual aids/focal points
  • Dialogue/creative silence
  • Visitors

Peace at Christmas Collective Worship

Led by Year 6 house Captains 2018