2019/2020 In Year Admissions

From Reception to Year Six

St Michael's is part of the HCC coordinated scheme for In Year Admissions. This means that all In Year applications must be made via Hertfordshire County Council. Please click on the link below for more information and to make an online application.

If you wish your application to be ranked under categories 1-6 then you must also fill in a Supplementary Information Form which can be downloaded from our website or one can be collected from the School Office.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Secretary if you have any further questions on 01279 652 607 or by email

Admissions - 2020/2021 Academic Year

Our school prospectus can be viewed here.

St. Michael’s Admission Policy

As St. Michael’s is a Voluntary Aided school, the admissions policy is set by the Governing Body.

In the case of over-subscription the Governors will assess all applications according to the policy criteria listed in Admission Policy. Please have regard to the relevant notes for each process. The order of receiving applications has no bearing on the categories of admission.

The Reception application process is undertaken in tandem with HCC to simplify the administration. Parents will need to apply online at but are also requested to complete the St. Michael’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) (pink). If a SIF is not completed the Governing Body will apply the school’s admission arrangements using only the information submitted on the HCC application form only, which may result in your application being given a lower priority.

Reception 2020-2021 Application Timetable

(Children born between 1st September 2015 – 31st August 2016 )

Online Applications Open: 4th November 2019

Applications Close: 15th January 2020

Places Offered: 16th April 2020

Parents will receive an offer via the Hertfordshire County Council online system at the end of the process.

If you have any question regarding applying to St Michael's School you can contact our Admissions Secretary via email -

Application to the Local Authority for a Reception place

Anyone interested in a school reception place for their child needs to complete an on-line application form at Hertfordshire L.A ( or return the paper copy in the booklet to the Local Admissions & Transport Team – East Division, Farnham House (SFAR109), Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2FQ.

What happens after the closing date?

The Governors schedule for allocation of places will be synchronised to that for all Hertfordshire L.A. schools. Consequently, the closure date for applications to St. Michael’s will be the same as that announced for all Hertfordshire L.A. schools. The exact timetable for each year will be set out in the Hertfordshire L.A. booklet sent to all parents by the County Council at the appropriate time.

After the closing date for applications the Governors will meet to consider all applications. Parents will be notified whether their application has been successful or not, by letter issued by Hertfordshire L.A. on the date agreed. Parents offered places are asked to respond to the offer within two weeks.

School Admission Appeals

Click here: Appeals Timetable 2020

Click below for the School Appeals page of the Hertfordshire County Council website:

In Year Appeals:

  • For in year appeals, parents should use the 'Appeals Online System' via the website above.


Please complete the online form which can be found on the home page of the website.

If you have any problems or questions, please call the Admissions Secretary to discuss Nursery applications on 01279 652 607.

Nursery 2020-2021 Application Timetable

(Children born between 1st September 2016 – 31st August 2017)

Online Applications Open: 3rd February 2020

Applications Close: 13th March 2020

Places Offered: 23rd March 2020

Deadline to accept: 3rd April 2020

We offer 15 hours Free Early Education (3 hours per day 5 days a week) and do not currently offer the additional 15 hours to provide 30 Hour Childcare provision. (Early Birds and Night Owls Wrap-Around Care are offering the additional 15 hours and can collect from our Nursery and return to After-School Club if necessary).

Secondary School 2020-2021 Application Timetable

Online Applications Open: 2nd September 2019

Applications Close: 31st October 2019

Places Offered: 2nd March 2020