Our vision is for a curriculum that is:

 "An engaging, innovative curriculum which challenges all children is responsive to their needs and talents and actively encourages learning outside of the classroom. "

At our school it is very important that alongside maintaining high academic achievement, we provide an broad, exciting curriculum that enables children to be effective global citizens. 

We seek to develop skills not simply to regurgitate knowledge. We want our children to develop into adults who are able to work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems. Our school culture will systematically build habits and attributes that enable our children to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly and confidently. Our curriculum is designed to encourage skills of enquiry, debate, reflection and qualities of resilience, adaptability and perseverance. Children will have opportunities to learn to be digitally literate, financially aware and be able to keep themselves safe.

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St. Michael's Curriculum Statement 

Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery

The last few years have been a challenge for all in light of the global pandemic we have faced. This inevitably had an impact on the education that all children received. Whilst every effort was made to ensure learning opportunities were not missed, we understand that children engaged in our remote learning to varying degrees. We also appreciate that remote education was never going to be on a par with face-to-face teaching. We have, therefore, looked at our curriculum across the school to ensure that any 'lost' learning is planned for. this has included: