International School and Community

Carnival Day 2019

We were delighted to be part of the Town Carnival celebrating the theme 'Around the World'. We proudly waved flags celebrating the cultural heritage of our school community and paraded our British Council International School Award banner.

We were very pleased and proud to be awarded second place in the Parade competition as we had shown the 'spirit of the Carnival' with our colourful display.

During the afternoon Fun Day we were able to perform songs celebrating the power of music to unite people of all nations, as well as showcasing our specially written (by William and Samuel in year 6) version of Feliz Navidad which became 'Super Verano' - 'We wish you a super summer'!

Uganda Day 2019

Across the school all the children took part in a range of activities to help them learn about the country with which we have such a close link, via Nabikabala school. As well as investigating the geography and culture of the country there were opportunities for practical activities such as gardening and mask making.

Mrs. Tozer and Mrs. Ashwood receiving the International School Award 2019 - 2022 on behalf of St. Michael's in 2019.

The International School Award is given by the British Council to recognise schools which seek to offer an international dimension to all aspects of the curriculum. We first gained this award to 2010 and have continued to successfully seek re-accreditation every three years.

In order to gain the award at the highest level the school has demonstrated that it has partnerships with schools overseas and has embedded an outward looking ethos across school life in such a way that children are provided with a window into different cultures and countries which will prepare them for life in a global society.

Our school has partnerships with schools in Uganda, South Africa and France. The links have been developed very specifically to address a range of lifestyles, language and cultures.

The activities carried out under the ISA are many and varied and over the last few years have included International Day, Chinese New Year celebrations, writing Wikis about European countries, creating the St. Michael’s World map to celebrate the school family’s links across the world and making educational curriculum posters to decorate the walls at Nabikabala. The one common factor is that the our whole school community enjoy and value the links which have been built over the years and look forward to continuing their international outlook and education in the future.

Fundraising For Nabikalaba School, in Uganda, by trading Lego Cards

Our school community is proud to have links all over the world, these are just some of them!

Nabikabala School, Uganda

Our partnership with Nabikabala Anglican School in Uganda provides an opportunity for our children to offer practical support to a rural school in a poor community. Over the years our children have raised considerable sums of money, which has often come from children’s own ideas for fundraising. The money is currently being used to build the school hall, which will transform the lives of not only the school in providing a central meeting place but also the whole community, especially when the roof is ultimately used to capture rainwater and save long journeys to the well.

Other Links...

We also enjoy links with Sea Point Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa and Alain Detre Primary School in France. The link with Ecole Alain Detre allows our Key Stage 2 pupils to put their French language skills into practice.