Modern Foreign Languages

In our school all children in KS 2 learn French.

We are very fortunate to have a Higher level teaching assistant with a French degree, so she teaches all the classes during a dedicated weekly lesson.

The children start in year 3 with simple phrases and vocabulary, which is introduced through a range of topics which reflect everyday life. This is built on each year, through a range of activities, with the emphasis on learning through enjoyment. They also study aspects of French culture and, through cross-curricular work, the geography of France. We hope that by year 6 the children will not only feel confident to talk to one another in phrases, but they will have a rich and useful vocabulary which they can use to write simple sentences.

Ecoles ensembles is a local group which meets on a regular basis to discuss and promote the teaching of French in primary schools.

The group was founded, and is lead, by our MFL subject leader and allows teachers and leaders of MFL from local schools to meet and share ideas and good practice.

We also liaise closely with local secondary schools to ensure that we are equipping the children with useful skills which will help them progress quickly; for example, we teach numbers to 100 which are notoriously tricky!

Extra-curricular clubs

Children are also able to attend fee-paying lunchtime clubs studying either French or Spanish. These are open to children in KS1 and KS2 and are run by outside organisations.