Nabikabala News

School lunch cooking under the trees

Building the walls 2014

Interior of the Hall 2016

May 2018-the roof is being constructed

June 2018 - the roof is complete

Cutting the ribbon

Children taking their exam

The partnership with Nabikabala Primary School in Uganda provides an exciting opportunity for our children to offer practical support to a rural school in a poor community.

Over the years our children have raised considerable sums of money, which has often come from children’s own ideas for fundraising. The money is being used to build a large school hall. The project began in 2010 and is now finally nearing completion.

Each year the children exchange letters with their friends at Nabikabala and they can directly find out about the school and family life in a village in Uganda.

A group of Herts and Essex students (Year 13) and teachers visit Nabikabala for one day each July, so we have been able to send some red St Michael's t-shirts to our link school as well as other presents for the children. We are also grateful to Herts and Essex for many of the photos on this page. In July 2018 Alice, Daisy and James who had all been pupils at St Michael's all went to Nabikabala as part of their three week visit and had a wonderful time Uganda.

A significant aspect of fundraising is our sponsored walks. The Sponsored walk in 2017 followed five previous annual walks and raised the most money yet- over £800! This money helped us to reach our target for the roof .

After the construction of the roof was completed, Alex organised a water run to help raise money for the doors and windows.

Mrs Ashwood visited Nabikabala in September 2018. The hall was not quite finished but we had an opening ceremony with a ribbon being cut to open the hall and Mrs Ashwood gave a speech.

It is being used for large events such as a Music, Dance and Drama competition between district primary schools. The community was excited to have so many visitors for this event.

In Autumn 2018-another Sponsored walk, Lego events and Christmas stalls allowed the windows and doors to be finished.

In January 2019 a KS2 quiz raised £152 and later in the year Hannah and Susie organised a fabulous fundraising and educational Uganda day. Along with a donation from the church, the money allowed the floor and walls inside to be completed. The hall has now also been used for primary school children in the area to take their leaving exam.

The children continue to work hard to raise money and Mabel made bags to sell on a Christmas stall. The stall made £146 in total.

We had a lovely day at the end of November 2019 with the visiting Ugandan teachers-Lastone, Fred and Brenda. Fred is an art teacher in Uganda and gave the children tips about drawing a giraffe.

Looking to the future, we also plan to raise further funds so the school can collect rain water from the roof. As there is no electricity at the school, it would be very worthwhile to have solar panels on the roof.

Eating lunch

Nabikabala children wearing their St Michael's t-shirts

Sponsored Walk -September 2017

Webale Nyo (Thank You)

View through one of the windows

Hannah and Susie organised Uganda Day 2019.