Governor Roles and Responsibilities

By Invitation of the Governors

Mrs Joanne Mottram, Bursar - Resources committee

Mrs Helen Pickering, Acting Deputy Head - Curriculum and Inclusion committee

Mr Phil Barnett, Facilities - Resources committee

Mrs Rachel Webster - Clerk to the Governors 

Mrs Carole Macdonald - Associate Governor Church School committee

Chair of Governors e-mail address

Our Committees

Resources Committee   

 The Resources Committee provides guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and Governing Body on financial and premises matters.  This includes setting and approval of the School Budget, monitoring income and expenses on an ongoing basis.  We also review the use of the buildings to generate additional income e.g. after school lettings.  We oversee capital and maintenance projects and assist with premises related grant applications.  We review and consider various policies, including Health and Safety. 

Personnel, Pay, Admissions and Safeguarding Committee 

The Personnel, Pay, Admissions and Safeguarding Committee monitors the staffing structure of the school, reviews staff recruitment procedures and makes sure that staff pay and appraisal policies are properly implemented. It also approves and monitors the school's admission policies and procedures and all matters relating to school attendance. The committee also approves and evaluates the school's safeguarding policies and practice. 

Curriculum Committee 

The Curriculum Committee supports, guides, evaluates and monitors the development, implementation, progress and impact of the school's curriculum priorities.  It also agrees, monitors and reviews the school's curriculum policies. 

Self-Evaluation Committee 

The Self-Evaluation Committee monitors progress towards the school vision and reviews the work of the school in a strategic way, to identify strengths and areas for improvement. It monitors the progress and achievement of pupils across the school, including vulnerable groups, and reviews the use and impact of Pupil Premium and Sport Premium funding. 

Church School Committee

The Church School Committee supports and encourages the continued development of the Christian ethos of the school.  It emphasises and facilitates the partnership between St Michael’s Church and the school, upholds the Trust Deed and  Anglican nature of the school and monitors how well the school meets the four objectives of SIAMS, the church school inspection body (namely: distinctiveness, Collective Worship, R.E. and leadership and management.

Temporary Covid-19 Working Party

The remit for the Temporary Covid-19 Working Party was to review arrangements for the phased re-opening of the school and to carry out any urgent governor work normally delegated to committees, during the period of temporary school closure.