The history of our school

It was 1818. A very different time and world from our own. But at that moment in history the people of St Michael’s, Bishop’s Stortford made a decision which continues to impact our church and community today. They became part of the growing Church Schools movement, by founding St Michael’s Church of England School, to serve the people of this town and parish by providing an Anglican education for the community’s children.

St Michael’s was founded under the auspices of the Church of England’s National Society, which in 1811 began its mission to establish a Church School in every parish of the nation.

St Michael's turns 200 years old!

Bicentenary 2018

Afternoon tea and games in the sun!

Our prize winning walking float in the Carnival!

Year 5 have created Logograms about our school - click on each name to reveal their work...

Below are the explanations for the pictures (created following work based on the ancient Mayans).

"My logogram shows all the people wearing school uniform standing around the St. Michael's symbol to show everyone working together in St. Michael's and Koinonia. The pictures show all the different subjects on which we work hard in St. Michael's. They include English, maths, science, geography, RE, music, PE and art."

"Three different people holding hands: I think St. Michael's shows this because anyone from different places and different backgrounds are always welcome to be part of St. Michael's family.

The two hearts:  because we learn about love and compassion. We don't just show it at school but also outside school.

The dove:  because they want peace in the school and hope for peace in the world.

The jigsaw piece: because everybody includes each other and supports one another.

The candle:  because the light keeps you safe and company when you are alone in the dark.

People holding hands in a circle: because if you are one person you can't do very much but if you are in a team/group you can do so much more.

A heart in the centre of the circle: because it means friendship and love yourself."

 "The picture with the person opening the door for someone is putting others before yourself. The box with the word 'merci' in it with The Eiffel Tower in is French because these represent France. The picture with the boy holding the candle is prayer because in church there are candles at the alter and Christ is the light of the world. The box with Jesus saying 'Follow on' is following Jesus through worship and songs. I have used boxes for the subjects we learn at school and boxes for our values."

"I think my picture represents St. Michael's because it has 4 things about the school:

"To show:

 love in our school, how smart we are,  that we don't fight, our friendship, how safe we are, our thoughtfulness, our learning, happiness, a Christian school, all of us starting to know each other well."

Susie has represented all subjects taught and values covered such as forgiveness (a broken heart with a plaster), kindness (a man helping), trust, peace, respect (a reaching hand) and joy (smiley faces). She has also shown school community, church, and being environmentally friendly. "My logogram shows that St. Michael's is a fun and friendly school."

Hannah has represented some of our values; peace, friendship and forgiveness. She has drawn two worlds to show we take an interest in the world and smiley faces to show this is a happy place.

Samuel has drawn friends as we are all friends and we respect people. He says:

"We listen to each other and help people if they are stuck with their work or have fallen over."

He has included peace because we have a peaceful school and we "try our best to keep it that way." 

He says: "The teachers help create wonderful opportunities for us pupils."

He has also included the school logo, pupils and football as it's his favourite thing to play!