VE Day 2020

Although we were not able to celebrate VE day in school, as planned, we found many ways to mark this important anniversary of the end of the Second World war in Europe on May 8th 1945.

During the preceding weeks, the children researched the background of the celebrations and investigated the reality of children's lives during those turbulent times. This, in itself, was a helpful way for them to understand that our country has coped with tough times before, and that, whilst they might not have their full freedom at the minute, they are safe and well in their own homes.

As a result of their research, on the afternoon of May 7th 2020, all the classes played the type of games enjoyed by war time children and at 2pm joined in a sing-a-long version of 'We'll meet again' with Vera Lynn.

Many children then took part in community activities the following day, and had the chance to share their learning with a wider audience.

Below is a selection of photos and work created by the whole school.

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VE Day Quiz (2).pdf
Video (2).mov
This is how Reception celebrated VE day.pdf