Our Staff Well-Being Charter

St.Michaels Well-being charter.pdf

St. Michael's Staff 2022-23

Teaching Staff

Miss R Griffiths - Headteacher

Mrs H Pickering/Mrs K Stocker - Joint Assistant Headteacher

Mrs.M.Villar-Alario - Nursery Teacher

Mrs K Stocker -Early Years Leader/KS1 Lead/Reception (Foundation Stage 2)

Mrs L Anthony/Mrs E Palmer - Year 1

Mrs R Hood /Mrs C Goulding - Year 2

Mr J Hays - Year 3

Miss.Brown/Miss.Woods/Mrs S Snelling/Mrs C Tozer - Year 4

Mrs L Davies - Year 5

Mrs.H Zigic/Mrs H Pickering - Year 6 KS2 Lead)

Mrs L Standen - School SENCo (Special Education Needs)

Teaching Support Staff

Mrs M Idrissi - Nursery Nurse/Teaching Assistant

Miss R Hollis - Nursery Nurse

Ms P Brooks - Nurture Lead

Mrs L Ewin - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Kimmett - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Martin - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Lee-Aimes - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bruce - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Sears - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Lear - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Readshaw - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Hyatt - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Johnson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Morley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs.Barnett - Learning support assistant

Miss.Carr - Learning support assistant

Office Staff

Mrs J Mottram - School Business Manager

Mrs K Clark - Finance Assistant

Mrs B McCarthy - Admissions Assistant

Mrs R Webster - Clerk to Board of Governors / Lettings administrator

Site Manager/Caretaker

Mr P Barnett

Music Instrument Teachers

Mrs A Mitchell - Piano

Mr M Fone - Brass

Mrs C Edwardson - Violin

Wrapaound Care Staff