New to Foundation Stage 2 - Reception.


Welcome to St Michael's 'soon to be' Reception page.  

Please keep checking back to this page as we will add things to it over the next half term.

If you have any questions then please email:


Email or call the school office if you need to speak to a member of the admin team.

What is happening now?  (From June 2023)

  • Welcome email from class teacher.
  • Envelope being sent, or delivered via siblings in school, with forms from the office to look at and/or complete.
  • Invitation to stay and play sessions. July 2023.
  • Appointment for one to one meeting in September 2023.
  • Staggered start information sent home.  July 2023.
  • Staff will be taking part in preschool visits during this half term. 

Here are a few of the Reception staff...saying hello!


Hello from Mrs Stocker.

Class teacher.

Assistant headteacher.


Hello from Mrs Idrissi.

Nursery Nurse.

Transition into Reception support...

Map showing nursery side gate 2023.pdf

Map of nursery gate.

A guide to our different school entrances 2023.pdf

Information about gates.

Welcome to St Michael's Reception booklet.pdf

Reception booklet.

Look out for your child's goody bag before they start in Reception!

Transition information for parents currently at nursery. Reception 2023.pdf

Transition for children currently in our nursery class.

One to one meeting 2023 Reception List to bring.pdf

One to one meeting checklist.  All children joining Reception.

Letter to children currently in our school about dates for September 2023.pdf

Staggered start arrangements - currently in our nursery class.

Transition information for parents new to Reception 2023.pdf

Transition for children - new to our school.

Letter to children new to our school about dates for September 2023.pdf

Staggered start arrangements - new to our school.

SECTION 59 50 Things before I start school.pdf

Things to do before starting school.

SECTION 58 Getting ready for school leaflet.pdf

Getting ready for school.

SECTION 61 Before I go to school.pdf

Before I go to school.  The day before...

How to help your child prepare for school.

Work through these things with them.

SECTION 46 Book list to support transition.pdf

Life skills.  Starting Reception.

SECTION 51 Supporting your childs independence needs as they start school.pdf

Links to useful guidance.

SECTION 52 Transition supplement links to useful documents.pdf

Links to useful guidance.

SECTION 53 Top tips for parents carers with children starting school.pdf

Positive conversations.

SECTION 48 Take time to read (Reception).pdf


Parent information 2023 2024.pptx

Useful information and links relevant to our school.

Update: Statutory framework from July 2023

Things you can read to help you with the transition process.

Getting my child ready to start school - Modelling how to do things but then giving your child encouragement to do those things independently.

Equipping your kids with some practical skills that will help them feel happy and confident about starting primary school is far more important than trying to get a head-start on academic performance.

Unless you particularly want to teach your child to read or write before they start school (and they want to learn), concentrate your efforts on getting a few basic skills in place. Encourage them to take an interest in the world around them, and to want to do things for themselves. It won't be long before your child's learning letters, numbers and words at school. There'll be plenty of opportunities to support and praise them then.

Over the summer holidays:

Although we will help your child if they cannot do these things (so please do not worry) here are some ways you might begin to develop your child's independence and confidence before starting in Reception: