New to Foundation Stage 2


Welcome to St Michael's 'soon to be' Reception page.

Please keep checking back to this page as we will add things to it over the next half term.

If you have any questions then please email:

What is happening now? (From June 2022)

  • Welcome email from class teacher.
  • Envelope being sent, or delivered via siblings in school, with forms from the office to look at and/or complete.
  • Invitation to a stay and play session. July 2022.
  • Appointment for one to one meeting in September 2022.
  • Staggered start information sent home. July 2022.
  • Staff will be taking part in preschool visits during this half term.

A challenge to get you started:

Hello from some of the Reception team...


Hello from Mrs Stocker.

Class teacher.

Assistant headteacher


Hello from Mrs Idrissi.

Nursery Nurse.

Getting my child ready to start school - Modelling how to do things but then giving your child encouragement to do those things independently.

Equipping your kids with some practical skills that will help them feel happy and confident about starting primary school is far more important than trying to get a head-start on academic performance.

Unless you particularly want to teach your child to read or write before they start school (and they want to learn), concentrate your efforts on getting a few basic skills in place. Encourage them to take an interest in the world around them, and to want to do things for themselves. It won't be long before your child's learning letters, numbers and words at school. There'll be plenty of opportunities to support and praise them then.

Over the summer holidays:

Although we will help your child if they cannot do these things (so please do not worry) here are some ways you might begin to develop your child's independence and confidence before starting in Reception:

  • Use the photographs/videos sent home to talk to your child about the learning environment and also the staff they will meet. Be positive. Reinforce that they will go to school and play then come home each day. Talk about who will take them and pick them up.

  • Play with the things in the goody bag and talk to your child about who they were from and what it will be like there.

  • Role-play with your child saying 'Hello, I am....' and 'What is your name?' This will help when we are learning about each other. Also talk to them about how to ask an adult for help. We will teach them to do this too so don't worry!

  • Recognise their name if possible: Show it to them in all different places and fonts. Choose ONE small keyring for their bookbag, to help them recognise theirs amongst the 29 others when they start school, and pop it on their bag. (We will help them find it though!)

  • Let your child dress and undress themselves and put on their school shoes during the holidays so that they gain independence putting things on and off.

  • Help your child to go to the toilet on their own, reducing the amount of help you give them with wiping, dressing and flushing the toilet but going through the process with them. Perhaps print out this Toilet and handwashing sequencing poster for them to follow.

  • Help them to learn to wash their hands thoroughly with soap. Model counting to 20 while they do this. (They don't need to be able to count to 20 themselves though). NHS guide to washing hands Washing hands step by step animation Mr Tumble washing your hands song Wash your hands song

  • If your child coughs or sneezes then teach them the latest guidance about what to do. Catch it (sneeze or cough into their hands or towards elbow), Bin it (throw tissues straight into the bin), Kill it (wash your hands).

  • Eating: Sitting at a table to eat. Let them feed themselves at mealtimes, using cutlery where possible. Drinking: Opening and closing their water bottle (with water inside rather than juice if possible). Remind them not to share things with others.

  • Keeping things tidy: 'Choose it, use it and put it away' when playing with toys. Also hanging up their coat etc. Perhaps use a song so that they know when it is tidy up time at home: Tidy up song Mr Tumble tidy up song

  • Prepare their special photographs to bring for the 'All about me' display and make them familiar so that when they see them at school they will be confident talking about them.

  • Go and walk around outside the school and ideally take a walk down the alleyway to look into the Early Years 'Little Roots' garden. This is not going to be set up in the holidays but it still will become more familiar for your child. Talk about school (little and often).

  • Websites with further information: Parentkind - Preparing your child for school Pacey - Preparing your child for school 'What to expect, when' Parent's guide Government guidance - helping children learn at home aged 2 to 4