Religious Education

As a Church of England School, we affirm and value every member of our school community.  We recognise each child and adult as unique and special to God and have a commitment and responsibility to provide the best possible education for our children within a caring Christian community.

Education at St. Michael’s reflects our distinctive Christian character and makes a strong contribution to the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It also reflects and promotes the school’s Christian values which encourage respect for all cultures and faiths and those of no faith.  We wish to respond to the diverse range of gifts and abilities found within our community, so that each individual may be helped to grow in confidence, knowledge and awareness. Excellence, enjoyment and high personal achievement will always be pursued.

The purpose of Religious Education is to enable pupils to become religiously literate; to have the ability to hold balanced and informed conversations about religions and beliefs. Spirituality is supported and encouraged in all our children and promoted across the curriculum.

St. Michael’s is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School and as such its Religious Education curriculum is required by law to be determined by the Governors in accordance with the Trust Deed.

We have developed our own R.E. Curriculum Map detailing themes and units of work to be studied by each year group which are supported by the moe detailed knowledge organisers laying out the content for each of these units. 

The spiralling curriculum is creative and enquiry based and includes a balance of the three disciplines of  Theology, Philosophy and Human/Social Sciences. 

Two-thirds of curriculum time is spent studying Christianity and includes at least three of the main core concepts from ‘Understanding Christianity’ of Creation, Incarnation and Salvation across the whole school. Other major world religions are then studied across all year groups. 

Special R.E. Days are held across the school on annual basis to enhance the learning experience.

Understanding Christianity and The Big Story of the Bible...