Heart for the Earth

The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) and Church of England General Synod (February 2020) stimulated heartfelt discussions upon climate change. Many highlighted the current climate emergency and the factors which had contributed to it, and the subsequent expression for the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and live more sustainably. A number of agreements and plans were made with a vision of a more sustainable future, one which sees the flourishing of the planet and all life upon it. It is this vision which is animating much discussion and action, not least amongst children and young people. Climate change is a key moral and spiritual issue of our time. In responding to this, the Diocesan Board of Education wishes to support diocesan schools’ thinking around climate change and carbon neutral and have launched a two-year project called 'Heart for the Earth'.

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How we think (head), connect (hearts) and act (hands) towards the earth is vital in ensuring the flourishing of all creation, including humanity. Our curriculum offer here at St.Michael's aims to attend to all three aspects to enable our children and adults to respond in an informed and considered manner to climate change. Bringing together all three aspects form the basis of a ‘pedagogy of hope and action’ throughout the curriculum where pupils are empowered to act as advocates for the planet. Indeed, focussing on hope alongside meaningful and achievable actions (hands) can help alleviate the climate anxiety and despair that exists around us.

As we continue to engage with the Heart for the Earth resources and look at new ways to embrace our vision of being 'effective global citizens' we will use this page of our website to share our journey with you.

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Litter Picking Club

The children at St.Michaels have always been passionate about making a difference. Following work undertaken on global warming and environmental care last academic year, some of the children had an idea to establish a litter picking club. Donations from the PTA helped to purchase the equipment and the club has finally got up and running. This week, the children began the task of clearing the litter from Apton Road and collected three whole bags of rubbish, especially lots of bottles and cans. Members of the public who met the group thank them for making a difference to the local community. The children cannot wait to get out and continue their work. Headteacher, Rachel Griffiths, said of the group, “we are immensely proud of our students. Their passion for making a difference in the world shines through and they are always thinking of new things to do. It is a privilege to listen to their ideas and bring them to life. They truly are our future.”

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