Year 6



In Religious Education, we are learning about the religion of Judaism. In September, we learnt about the Jewish festivals of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. We learned about the importance and significance of these festivals to the Jewish faith. During Rosh Hashanah, Jews eat apples dipped in honey to symbolise the hope that the new year ahead would be sweet. We made our own miniature sukkot, which Jews build in their own gardens or local synagogue during the festival of Sukkot. We also learned about Shabbat and how at the end of Shabbat, the father of the house pours wine into the Kiddush Cup and lets it overflow to symbolise the hope for a sweet week ahead.


In Science, we are currently learning about electricity. We started by learning about the history of electricity and key scientists such as William Gilbert, Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison. We used the components and materials to design and make our own switches to work a range of circuits containing different components.

To help us recall the different circuit symbols used when scientifically drawing circuit diagrams, we played the game 'What Circuit Symbol Am I?', where we had to ask Yes/No answers to work out the circuit symbol hidden on our forehead.


As part of our topic on South America, Year 6 turned the classroom into a Travel Agents. We were put into groups of three and were each given the name of a South American country at random. Using iPads, we researched key facts and figures about the country and then presented their research findings in the form of a Travel Agent Sketch. One of us played the part of a travel agent and the other two played customers. The travel agent had to be persuasive and encourage the customers to book tickets to the country by relaying interesting facts and reasons to go there.