Year 6


On Thursday the 7th of December, Year 6 went to the Jewish Museum in London to complement their topic on Judaism.

Following a tour of interactive galleries, the pupils looked at the history of Jewish immigrants to the East End of London, particularly their trades and past-times. They spent time looking at artefacts such as Torah scrolls and mezuhahs and got to try on kippahs and tallits. The pupils were given a workshop on the significance of the torah and the significance of the scribes. The pupils learnt how to write their name in Hebrew and learnt they needed to write from the right to the left and to omit vowels from their names.


At the end of November, Years 5 and 6 joined together to participate in a R.E. Day on the concept of Incarnation. Derek joined us for part of the day.

They learnt about the historical background and where the Christmas Story comes in The Big Story Of The Bible. They worked as investigative journalists, examining evidence from the prophets on what the Jewish people expected the Messiah to be like and evidence from Matthew's Gospel that led early Christians to believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

The pupils recorded their own news reports on the fact that the Messiah had arrived and composed their own poems reflecting what they believe a 21st century Messiah would be like. Please see below poems written by Alex and Sophia, and Sam and Lilia.


On Monday the 4th of December, Year 6 pupils spread Christmas cheer to the local community as they toured Bishop's Stortford and sang to the citizens at Apton Road Centre and St Catharine's Court.

The pupils sang a mixture of Christmas carols, old and new, and the Brass Boys played instrumental versions of the carols and some old favourites for everyone to sing along to. Katie also played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on the piano.

It was lovely to see the two generations mix and the citizens thoroughly enjoyed the concert.


On Wednesday the 30th of November, Year 6 hosted their annual Nabikabala Fundraising Quiz. Organised by Brodie, Jack and Sam, seven teams of pupils answered ten rounds of questions on categories such as Science, Spelling, Maths, Logos and General Knowledge.

Brodie, Jack and Sam made up their own questions and hosted the evening. They organised a raffle and prizes.

It was a close fought contest but in the end the winning team was Ben, Ed, Eduard and Dan.

A big thank you to Brodie's mum for making question mark cupcakes which the children enjoyed during the interval.

It was a great success, and so far Year 6 have raised £169.77 this year for Nabikabala. Look out for future fundraising events.

Remembrance Reflections

In R.E. Year 6 have been discussing Remembrance - War, Peace and God. They looked at case studies from three men and how their Christian faith affected their participation in World War 1: one a doctor in the Army Medical Corps, one a stretcher bearer in the NCC (Non Combatant Corps) and one, a local resident in Bishop's Stortford, a Conscientious Objector. The children discussed the question 'Where is God in War?' and wrote reflective poems as a response. Ben W, Oscar and Herbie's poems are published below.


Today (Thursday 9th November 2017) Year 6 visited St. Michael's Church in preparation for receiving their bibles.

Reverend Williams spoke to the children about the significance of the bible and how bible passages relate to items in the church. The children worked in small groups and completed a church trail, finding items from given clues and matched them to relevant bible passages.

Reverend Williams was very impressed with the children's knowledge and behaviour.

Please note that the children will receive their bibles next Thursday, (16th November) during Church Assembly at 10.30am in the school hall.



In Science, we have been learning how to draw circuit diagrams using circuit symbols.

Circuit diagrams are drawn with straight lines and in a rectangular shape. The class drew circuit diagrams for their learning partners who then had to put the circuit together using electrical components.

We have started to plan our next investigation - we are investigating the volume of buzzers with the number and voltage of cells used in a circuit. Look out for our findings and photos next week.


Today (Wednesday 1st November 2017), Year 6 enjoyed their annual trip to see Hamlet, performed by the Young Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Following our workshop and work in class, it was great for the pupils to see the play they have been learning about in action.

Using a one set piece of scenery, Year 6 were transported to Elsinore, Denmark to watch young actors perform as the classic Shakespearean characters. Iris and Felix were picked from the audience and got to perform alongside the actors on stage. Felix played the part of the poisoner within the play that Hamlet sets up to trap King Claudius and Iris played the Player Queen.

It was a lovely trip and a complement to our unit of work on Shakespeare. We will be performing scenes from the play over the next few days as well as some creative writing about the characters.


On Monday the 16th of October, Year 6 participated in a Shakespearean Workshop, provided by the Young Shakespeare Company.

This year's play was Hamlet. Fiona, who has been coming to St. Michael's for many years now, brought the Shakespearean tragedy to life and got Year 6 to act out all of the characters, produce the sound effects and got the pupils thinking about the actions and motives of the characters.

The workshop was the first part of our unit of work on Shakespeare and next half-term we will be going to the Wylotts Theatre to see the performance of Hamlet. Please enjoy looking at some photographs of the class in action.


Our annual Harvest Lunch was held on Thursday the 5th of October 2017. 25 citizens from the local community came to the school to join Year 6 in a special roast dinner to celebrate Harvest.

Year 6 were busy all morning setting up the hall and decorating the tables with home-grown flowers. They entertained their guests, gave them tours of the school and at the end of the lunch sang them Harvest songs.

It is always a lovely and special event for the pupils at St. Michael's. A massive thank you to our kitchen staff who prepared the delicious lunch.


In Geography we have been learning about South America. One of our first projects was to research one of the thirteen South American countries. We turned our research into informative travel agent drama sketches. Working in groups of three, we performed as two customers and one travel agent, where the travel agent persuaded and advised the customers to visit a country in South America. The travel agent explained to the customers about time zones, currencies, capital cities, population and famous landmarks.

We learnt interesting facts such as: in Venezuela the temperature does not drop below 15ºC, tropical rain forests make up 80% of Suriname's total landscape and in Paraguay they eat a local delicacy is Bori Bori soup which is made from cheese, eggs and spring onion.


On the 30th of September 2017, Year 6 along with their siblings, parents and dogs embarked on the annual Sponsored Walk in Hatfield Forest to raise money for the school in Nabikabala.

Imogen said, "Year 6 loved it and although we got stuck in the mud a few times, we got through it in the end! It started to drizzle at one point but we didn't get too wet or lose heart, we just kept on going, after all, it is a very good cause! We completed 5 miles and returned home very muddy, but happy to have raised so much money. Thank you to our sponsors and to the parents who washed all our muddy kit!"

It was the most successful sponsored walk yet with 15 Year 6 children walking and fundraising. We raised a magnificent total of £873.50. A big thanks to everyone and especially Tanith who raised £400 through 40 sponsors. The money has been sent over to Uganda and there is now enough money to begin the construction of the roof.