Year 6

News from Year 6

Reward time!

We embraced the weather and headed outside with our 'wheels' to enjoy some good old fashioned fun! The children were absolutely fantastic; being considerate to others and thinking carefully about safety. They worked together, helped each other and enjoyed chatting with the adults outside too. It was lovely to see them enjoying themselves and having this social time together that they are not able to get outside of school at the moment. I am also very relieved we got through it with out any broken bones!

November 2020

Our topic focus this week has been Judaism and we really enjoyed our visit from Rabbi Irit who is from the Jewish Community in Harlow. She was such an interesting lady and shared a lot of information about Jewish customs and festivals. The children asked some fantastic questions, looked at some artefacts and even had a go at playing with some Dreidels. Today, we have taken part in a virtual workshop delivered by the Jewish museum who told us about Passover.

The class have very much enjoyed their work in PSHE which has focused on being comfortable in your ‘own shoes’ and then putting yourself in someone else’s. Today, they drew or painted a pair of shoes they had brought in from home and found some quotes to go with them.

We all quite liked this one from Dr. Seuss:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

You’re on your own, and you know what you know.

And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet was brought to life in Year 6 this week, as they took part in a Shakespeare workshop. The children got so much out of it – apart from being immersed in a fantastic approach to story-telling; they had the opportunity to generate ideas and demonstrate their inner Thespian! Many children accepted the challenge to push themselves out of their comfort zone, both in the workshop and in the follow up drama activities, and it's clear to see there are some true stars in the making. As well as this, the children have enjoyed getting outside and developing their hockey skills and also engaged really well in a virtual meeting with Reverend Williams, who showed them around the Church, discussing the importance of some of its features. He also shared some Bible passages with the children and with the help of Mr. Hollis and Mrs. Tozer, presented all of the children with a very special gift of their own Bible.

October 2020

This week in Year 6 we have been thinking about the Amazon Rainforest. We went outside and imagined we were there – what could we see and hear? We thought about why we might explore the rainforest if we were scientists and as we walked around, we imagined the kind of discoveries we might come across. Then, pausing for a moment, we looked at the marked out area (slightly larger than a football pitch) and were shocked to discover an area of that size was destroyed every 2 seconds. The children then worked in small groups to think of small changes we could make to decrease the rate of deforestation and then designed their own posters. In addition to this, Year 6 had a good, healthy debate based on whether social media should be banned – we may have some politicians in the making! To finish the week, and indeed the half term, we embarked on a baking challenge. Linked to Harvest and the importance of thinking of others, all of the children made an apple crumble for a friend, neighbour or relative. The apples were collected from the global garden and donated by Mrs. Hopkinson from her apple trees. The children wrote letters and cooking instructions to go with their crumbles and hopefully they will be much appreciated by the recipients.

"Thank you Year 6 for your hard work and enthusiasm this half term – you are brilliant!" (Mrs Mann)

Great work with lots of mature and insightful discussions about the importance of and reasons behind Black History Month. The children all researched an influential Black male or female, created a PowerPoint and presented their information to the rest of the class. We have also really enjoyed listening to our class playlist, created with the suggestions from the children of songs by black artists. There has been lots of practical maths this week as we have explored number lines and positioning large numbers, decimal numbers, negative numbers and even some algebraic equations on a number line. At the beginning of the week, the children covered their newspaper serpent sculptures with Modroc – good, messy fun! We very much enjoyed our yoga and mindfulness session with Mrs. Thompson on Thursday – it’s really great to factor in some time for calm and peace in a very busy week and to allow the children some time to reflect.

September 2020

A fantastic in start in year 6 – lots of wonderful report writing in English; place value work in maths and athletics in PE to name but a few skills we have been developing. The children are working really hard on preparing presentations in Geography at the moment, using the i-pads and atlases for research. We’re also enjoying using our new music scheme (although our ears are taking a bit of time to adjust to the sound of 30 glockenspiels all playing at once)!