Year 6


This week, the Year 6 children concentrated brilliantly to get through their KS2 SATs tests. All the pupils completed them to the very best of their ability. Everyone worked extremely hard throughout this very long and busy week, behaved immaculately and gave it their very all. We are all very proud of everyone in Year 6, particularly with their positive attitudes and applying everything they have learnt.

As soon as the last paper had finished, Year 6 went outside to enjoy a lovely picnic and to take part in the “Doughnut Challenge” (to be the first person to eat a doughnut without licking your lips). Tenzin was the victor. Being in the sunshine on a warm sunny day and chatting amongst friends was the perfect end to the busy week. All the pupils can take from this many life skills such as determination and perseverance onto secondary school and beyond. Well done Year 6!


The Year 6 pupils enjoyed their school residential trip to Stubbers (in Upminster) in the first week of April. We enjoyed a wide range of physical and team activities, including 4x4 Jeep Driving, Jetski Rides, Climbing, Abseiling, Raft Building and Grass Sledging among many others. Please enjoy looking at a selection of photo highlights from the week.


This year's Nabikabala Fundraising Quiz was held on the 18th of January 2019. Thirty pupils were put into six teams and answered questions on Maths, Science, History, Geography, Sports and General Knowledge. There was also an additional picture and logic round. The quiz raised £152 for Nabikabala. After eight tough rounds, 'The Girl Quizzers' were the victors.

The quiz was put together by our Year 6 Fundraising Team to raise money for cement for the solid floor of the Nabikabala School Hall. The Fundraising Team worked really hard in the weeks up to the Quiz, setting a range of challenging questions and brainteasers. Thank you to Hannah, Susie, Robert, Wilf and Lewie for all their hard work. Thank you also to Sue Swan who kindly donated raffle prizes.


To complement the module on Judaism in Religious Education, Year 6 visited the Jewish Museum in London. The pupils were able to interact with Jewish artefacts and symbols, including yads, torahs and kippahs. We were given a workshop and were taught how to write our name in Hebrew.


Just before Christmas, Year 6 were effective global citizens by sharing their musical and comedic talents with the local senior citizens. The pupils performed a mini-concert, playing a range of instruments, singing Christmas songs and performing Christmas comedy. The residents of St. Catherine's Court very much enjoyed and appreciated a festive afternoon of music, and it was lovely to see the two generations come together.


One of the focuses of English in the Autumn term is Shakespeare. This year, the pupils studied the comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The pupils participated in an interactive workshop, led by the Young Shakespeare Theatre's Company. The pupils turned into the characters of the play, including Puck, King Oberon, Queen Titania and Nick Bottom. This gave them a thorough understanding of the play, before we visited the Wylotts Theatre to see the actual performance.

The pupils then wrote engaging diaries from the viewpoint of Puck. Year 6 also researched the life and works of William Shakespeare for a Learning Log activity and shared these with the class. The pupils made models of the Globe Theatre (including one made entirely of cake), Powerpoint presentations and a comic strip based on Romeo and Juliet.

This unit of work ensures that the pupils are well equipped for learning for life, to help them with Shakespeare whilst in secondary school and beyond.


After the school’s Harvest Service, the Year 6 pupils set up the hall to welcome citizens from the local area to share in a special Harvest Lunch. The pupils set up the tables, designed and wrote the menus and decorated the tables with home-grown flower arrangements. The pupils welcomed and chatted to sixteen citizens from the local area and shared a fabulous Harvest Lunch, wonderfully prepared by our kitchen staff. The citizens left the school well fed and took away with them a Harvest Box. The remaining boxes were donated to the local Food Bank, which the Year 6 pupils helped transport.

Year 6 represented St. Michael’s proudly and it was lovely to hear great praise and feedback from our guests about how kind, caring and welcoming the pupils were as hosts.


On the 13th of October, 12 Year 6 pupils, their parents and school staff undertook a sponsored walk at Hatfield Forest and the weather was amazing.

The walk was 4 long miles and we enjoyed each others company and talked along the way.

We have raised £259 so far and are still awaiting further sponsorship money.

Well done to everyone who took part and a massive thank you for the sponsorship. The money is going towards the cost of the windows and the floor.