Year 5

January: P.E. Gymnastics

Value: Justice

At St. Michael's, we have been exploring the value of Justice with links to homelessness.

Year Five engaged in deep discussions about homelessness and wrote their reflections on footprints which they added to this symbolic box (in school entrance) as part of a whole school reflective display.

Here two Year Five children sit in the box and are reflecting on their thoughts.

January 2019 Music: Space Music

In music lessons with Mrs Ranger, Year Five are enjoying composing their own space music linked to the moon landing, experimenting with a range of different instruments.

January 2019 Science: Living Things and Life Cycles

To help us understand the different parts of an egg and its function, we cracked open real chicken eggs.

Year Five used key scientific vocabulary to explain their observations.

January 2019 History: Tudor Houses

The children enjoyed working in small groups to create their very own Tudor House, a chance to apply the learning gained from exciting history lessons both inside and outside the classroom.

Maths: Factor Bugs - December 2018

We used factor bugs to help find all the factors of a given number.

We then used a venn diagram (hoops) to display the factors found. This allowed us to work out the lowest or highest common factor of 2 or 3 given numbers.

Portraits in the style of artist Arcimboldo- December 2018

The children modelled real vegetables into human faces in the style of Arcimboldo.

English: The Land of the Jabberwocky- November 2018

After studying the poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll, children used the poem to help them create their interpretation of the world of the Jabberwocky, making thoughtful choices regarding shapes, colours, positioning of items and representation. Their finished lands were incredible, and the children were so familiar with the poem that they were quoting phrases when they described their lands to the rest of the class.

Geography: Our World -November 2018

In small groups, Year Five collaborated to create a globe, illustrating their understanding of our recent geography topic. They then gave a short presentation to the class, describing the process and decisions made, accurately using key terminology covered in the unit.

Grammar: Direct speech and relative clauses- October 2018

Year Five enjoyed coming to the front of the classroom and holding word and punctuation cards. They worked together as a class to construct accurately punctuated complex sentences.

They read the sentence using high pitched voices for the spoken part and low, deep voices for the reporting clause to reinforce where the punctuation belongs.

Illustrator Visit: Martin Impey

A fantastic, emotive and engaging presentation by illustrator Martin Impey found Year Five thinking deeply about the First World War and about the power of effective illustration.

History: The Battle of Bosworth- October 2018

The children worked in small groups to create freeze frames retelling the story of the Battle. Here are a few of the scenes.

R.E. - Learning about Islam - September- October 2018

Science- September 2018

Oreo Moon Phases: In pairs, Year Five delighted in using Oreo Biscuits to create the eight moon phases. They took great care to carve the white cream filling to create the shape of the given moon phase.

Negative Numbers- Sept 18

Year Five enjoyed playing a range of number games and using maths manipulatives to aid their understanding of negative numbers in given contexts.

Geography- September 2018

What we think the world looks like...

In small groups, Year Five were tasked with creating an accurate map of the world (without looking at a globe or map).

Kingswood Photos September 2018