Year 5


This week we have been exploring the film 'For the Birds' which has also linked in with it being Anti-Bullying Week. We acted out the story and then created freeze frames for key parts within the drama. We thought about the actions and the words of the different characters and their emotions at different points within the story.


To mark Remembrance Day, year 5 worked towards creating an outdoors display to which the whole school could add decorated stones to so that the whole school community could celebrate together despite being apart at the moment. On 11th November, the class undertook a range of activities to reflect on this occasion, including learning about and researching war memorials around the world, designing their own war memorials, writing remembrance acrostics, designing war medals as well as two different art activities involving paint and pattern work.


In our topic on Islam, we have been finding out about mosques including why they are important to Muslims, how they are designed and the different features of a mosque. To demonstrate their learning, the children had a go at creating model mosques representing and describing the different key features.


This half term we have moved on to developing our hockey skills.


This week we took our writing outside. We have been focusing on poetry writing and working on being selective and adventurous in our choice of words. We have been watching Planet Earth clips to inspire us for our writing and have also been preparing a performance of a poem.


In PE we have been developing our throwing skills looking at throwing for accuracy and distance. We have used javelins, shot put and discus to perfect our skills by watching professional athletes first to look at the techniques needed.


In maths we are looking at multiples and factors. We have had a go at making factor bugs and then used chalk to make multiple spider diagrams on the playground.


In Computing we are continuing to think about communication. We had a go at using Morse code by making an electrical circuit and using this to send each other messages. We have also used Caesar Ciphers and looked at creating and decoding messages. This work has also led to exploring the important message of eSafety including staying safe online, internet security and how this works and choosing secure passwords.

Dragon Art

In art we have been undertaking a unit of work on dragons using the mediums of sketching, clay and watercolours. Take a look at the final display of our work.


In year 5 we have been exploring the concept of 'ourselves and our relationships'. This has included looking at emotions, resilience, well-being, managing feelings and friendship. We have been growing some new grass hair, planning a date with ourselves, roleplaying our reactions to different situations and evaluating the impact this has on someone else and making our own emotion masks. We will continue to build on this work throughout the year in line with the new relationships education.


In ICT we have begun thinking about communication. This week we had a go at semaphore. It was very hard trying to make the exact shapes so our partner could work out the letter and decipher the message!

Recovery Curriculum

It is so amazing to welcome back the whole of Year 5. As well as beginning learning in many subject areas, we have also had a daily PSHE focus exploring community, well-being and our emotions. We experimented with skittle rainbows, created a gratitude tree and also made commitments for the term alongside a range of other activities.

Welcome to Year 5