Year 4

Important things to note:

  • Homework is set on a Wednesday and due in on the following Monday.
  • Children will be tested on times tables on a Tuesday and spellings on a Friday.
  • PE Kits are required on Wednesdays and Fridays, but would be useful if PE Kit was in school at all times as these sessions do sometimes change.


Click here to access The Times Tables Rockstars website.

Times Tables Rockstars


We have begun to look at persuasive texts in our English lessons with Mrs Pickering and are leading up to writing a persuasive text about an issue in our world. This links closely to our recent Collective Worships which have focused on 'Our Wonderful World' and the many aspects we have to be thankful for.

These websites will be used in the next few weeks to research one of these issues. Which one do you feel passionate about and would like to write about?


Click here to access the BBC Dance Mat Typing website we are using in Computing.

BBC Dance Mat Typing

Autumn Term- First Half Term

  • In English, the children will be writing descriptively and imaginatively using The Imaginary by A.F.Harold, writing persuasive texts about an issue with our world and if time, writing riddles and fireworks poems.
  • In Maths, the children will be exploring how to read, write, show and compare four-digit numbers, multiplication and division facts and strategies, Roman Numerals, area and how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.
  • In Science, the children will be learning about the human digestive system and teeth.
  • In Art, the children will be exploring different drawing techniques.
  • In PE, the children will be practising their skills in dance and Tri-Golf.
  • In History, the children will be learning about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

Visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon village, Suffolk

The class had the chance to travel back in time and learn about how the work of experimental archaeologists has allowed historians to understand the lives of our ancestors in the Anglo-Saxon period. This was a fabulous chance to take history outside the classroom and the children demonstrated an excellent historical knowledge.

Why not ask your child to explain what the doughnut like objects in the last picture are, and how finding them in a 'sandwich' of burnt wood showed that buildings must have had wooden floors.