Year 4

Important information and dates

Tuesday 23rd January - Visit by Daniel Lewis (triple jumper)

Thursday 8th February - Visit to the Festival of Literature

Spring Half term 1

The children will be learning about:

  • Maths- Addition and subtraction strategies and methods, including column addition and subtraction.
  • English- Riddles, Winter Poems and Stories with a theme.
  • Science- Solids, liquids and gases, and changing between them.
  • RE - What we can learn from stories shared by Christians, Muslims and Jews
  • Geography - a study of Europe with a focus on Paris and including an investigation into rivers
  • Art- Painting Landscapes.

Autumn Half Term 2

The children learnt about:

  • Maths- Addition and Subtraction strategies and methods.
  • English- Writing focused on the film Tron, Explanations about how electricity is made and Christmas Writing.
  • Science- Electricity.
  • DT- Making a light up Christmas Decoration
  • History - Lives of the Vikings and Normans in Great Britain
  • RE - Exploring why Jesus may be considered 'inspiring' and the concept of the Trinity
  • Computing - digital imagery

RE Day

We spent the day exploring the Bhuddist faith. We discovered that they follow the teachings of the Buddha and we made freeze frames of events in his life story. We also investigated artefacts used in their worship as well as making music and creating prayer flags. Mrs Paldon told us about her home shrine and the eight fold path to enlightenment.

Ideas for learning activities at home!

We are shortly starting Geography and we will be investigating aspects of Europe, including European rivers.

This could be something to investigate as we will be compiling a table of river data including length, source, major cities on the river, where it flows to see, countries it travels through.


Class Work

In Art, the children have been drawing buildings to practice the skill of shading to create dimension.

The children have been learning about how to care for their teeth and why it is so important. They made some adverts to explain their learning.

Problem solving with tangrams.