Year 4

Important things to note:

  • Pupils need to complete a page or half page in their purple learning review books every week. These need to be bought into school every Monday.
  • Children will be tested on times tables on a Tuesday and spellings on a Friday.
  • PE Kits are required on Wednesdays and Fridays, but would be useful if PE Kit was in school at all times as these sessions do sometimes change.

Learning for the fullness of life,

Learning for life,

Learning to be an effective global citizen,

Learning for the future.

This Half Term:

The pupils will be exploring and learning about:

  • Maths - How to round numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000, addition and subtraction strategies, data handling and angles.
  • English - Setting descriptions.
  • Science - States of matter and changing states.
  • DT - Making a torch.
  • Art - Landscape pictures.
  • PE - Tag rugby and gymnastics.
  • Geography - Europe.
  • RE - Stories from the holy books of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


Click here to access The Times Tables Rockstars website.

Times Tables Rockstars

Click here to access the times tables practice.

Times Tables Practice


Click here to access the BBC Dance Mat Typing website we are using in Computing.

BBC Dance Mat Typing

Reflection Area

Year 4 have been thinking about our value of justice and have considered ways in which justice can be demonstrated within our school.

Our reflection area is a place in the classroom where we can go when we would like to think and reflect. Mrs Pickering and Mrs Tozer have posed us three questions that we could think about when we visit this area:

Do you think it is fair that some people are rich and other people are poor? Why?

What one thing could you do to help other people in the world?

If you could ban one thing from the world forever, what would you ban?


In Maths, the children have been exploring a number of mathematical concepts and skills, including multiplication, division, area and triangles. Within this, the children have had to represent the mathematics in different ways. They have worked on many reasoning and problem solving activities where they needed to investigate, explain their answers and apply their understanding in different ways.

A Persuasive World

In English, Year 4 have been investigating persuasive texts and have explored the features of an effective persuasion. The pupils then used their understanding to write their own persuasive text about a global issue. Some persuaded people to help stop plastic pollution, others persuaded people to think about the decline of bees, and others persuaded people to think about how they can stop global warming.


The class have a weekly lesson with Mr Kruppa, where they have been learning to play different chords. They are now learning how to play minor and major chords.


As part of their gymnastics lessons the class have been exploring how to use the apparatus to create 'bridges' with a partner.

They also enjoyed trying a springboard to help them with their jumps.

Visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Suffolk

The class had the chance to travel back in time and learn about how the work of experimental archaeologists has allowed historians to understand the lives of our ancestors in the Anglo-Saxon period. This was a fabulous chance to take history outside the classroom and the children demonstrated an excellent historical knowledge.

Why not ask your child to explain what the doughnut like objects in the last picture are, and how finding them in a 'sandwich' of burnt wood showed that buildings must have had wooden floors.