Exciting news!

We now have 9 eggs in the classroom that we are eagerly waiting to see hatch! The children learnt today that it takes 21 days for eggs to hatch and the eggs that arrived today are 19-20 days old. That means we are expecting them to hatch tomorrow or Wednesday, although it is likely to be in the dark and quiet of night-time.

We are delighted to confirm that we will be meeting Julian Clary, and that the children will receive their signed copy of the book they chose from the Bolds series.


In Computing this week, we are beginning to research some information for a Wiki about animals. You will need to use the following websites to help you with the task as directed:

Colchester Zoo Website

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic

DK Find Out

Britannica Encyclopedia

Live Science

Summer Half term 1

The children will be learning about:

  • Maths- Multiplication and division strategies, fractions and decimals and measurements.
  • English- Children will write a guide for schools about having chicks, a discussion text about whether zoos should be allowed, and will be writing their class assembly.
  • Science- Living Things (habitats, food chains and life cycles).
  • RE -
  • History- Ancient Greeks
  • Art- Environment collages, sculptures and printing.
  • DT- Easter/Spring biscuits.

Visit to Bletchley Park

We all had a great day which started with a workshop learning how to use codes as well as handling an original Enigma machine. We saw a replica of the code-cracking Bombe machine in action, visited the huts where the code breakers worked and heard about the importance of Bletchley Park as an innovator of technology. Please enjoy a selection of photos from our day.

If you would like to visit to explore in more depth an entrance ticket will cover unlimited return within a year. See full details on their website, www.bletchleypark.org.uk.

RE Day

We spent the day exploring the Buddhist faith. We discovered that they follow the teachings of the Buddha and we made freeze frames of events in his life story. We also investigated artefacts used in their worship as well as making music and creating prayer flags. Mrs Paldon told us about her home shrine and the eight fold path to enlightenment.

Ideas for learning activities at home!

See the letter home about the school's bi-centenary celebrations - there are suggestions to either design a poster or carry out some research about schools or life in 1818.

Class Work

In Maths the children have been using geoboards and rubber bands to make quadrilateral shapes with specified angles and sides.

The children have been learning about how to care for their teeth and why it is so important. They made some adverts to explain their learning.