Year 3

Daniel Lewis, GB and Jamaican Triple Jumper

We all enjoyed our Olympic workout, learning about perseverance and watching children and teachers have a try at stages of the triple jump. Year Three have been writing reports about Sport in English. We showed Daniel our book on the day.

Festival of Literature February 18

How to be an author-by Jeanne Willis

The class went to be inspired by Jeanne Willis, author of Chickin Clickin, Bog Baby, Tadpoles Promise and many more, including hearing her latest book, Not Just a Book.

RE Day 2018 Buddhism

Here we are making freeze frames with Year Four to represent the Story of Buddha. Then we listened to a Tibetan Buddhist (one of our mums) to understand daily life a little more. We enjoyed meditating, learning about a Buddhist shrine and making prayer flags. We also thought about a path to happiness, linked to the Buddhist path to enlightenment.


Spring term: Light

Try these links to enjoy learning about light

BBC Bitesize Light



Autumn: Forces in Action

In Science we were investigating forces.

Here we are making freeze frames to represent pushes or pulls.

And here we are investigating friction. on this link to play a friction activity...

Anti Bullying Week 2017

The theme this year was All Different, All Equal

Here we are wearing our odd socks...

Click on the link below to learn more from the Anti Bullying Alliance.

Investigating Maths and Design Technology

Here we are investigating nets, on Children in Need Day 2017, hence the spots!

We have been building learning power and developing what we know about 3d shape.

Stone Age Discovery Day

On 20th September Year Three enjoyed a day in Waltham Abbey linked to learning in history, science and art. We made a human timeline, handled stone age type tools, hunted for edible plants (but we didn't eat them), imagined we were drawing in a dark cave, and even made fire!

Attempting to make fire with the help of one of our class governors.

The cave drawing that won a prize on the day; it was to symbolise learning about the Stone Age


In Science we are learning all about Nutrition. The children have recently enjoyed the song below;


To support learning in Maths, English and Science we have enjoyed learning through reading about topics, attempting quizzes and playing games to apply our knowledge. Do enjoy this at home too by clicking on the link below...For Educational video clips for subjects across the curriculum try out the second link below.


In Geography we are learning all about the UK; its countries, cities, rivers, mountains and counties. We have shared these videos to help us learn.