Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at St. Michael's

On this page you can find photo highlights of the first fortnight in school. This page will be updated regularly with relevant information, links to useful websites and photos of class activities.

September 2020 Highlights

Year 3 have returned to school raring to go and ready for the challenges and fun of being in the juniors for the first time. The first fortnight at school has been full of creative and reflective activities as the pupils have been getting used to the 'new normal' and reflecting on returning to school full time after lockdown and their summer holidays.

Pepper Germs Activity

We conducted an experiment using pepper, soap and water to show us the importance of washing our hands regularly.

Nature Music

We went on a forage for natural items in the Woodland Walk and turned them into a range of musical instruments and performed them to each other.

Lockdown Time Capsule

We discussed what we would remember from our experiences of lockdown and made a time capsule which we buried in the Woodland Walk. We put in memories such as rainbows, learning new skills such as bike riding and the ukulele, having Zoom meeting with friends and clapping for the NHS staff and carers. We wonder who may find our capsule in years to come?

Emotion Balloon Tennis

We drew emotions on balloons and then played tennis with them outside, spreading a range of positive emotions to each other including happiness, love and joy.

3D Rainbows

We looked at how rainbows have become a symbol of hope and that we can only have a rainbow if there is rain. We made 3D models of rainbows.

We have played lots of games in Maths to help us with our learning of place value and have been undertaking Maths reasoning challenges.

Row of Coins

Year 3 were given a range of clues to put five different coins in a particular order.

Place Value Tiddlywinks

We played Tiddlywinks on a place value target chart and had to regroup the tiddlywinks if we had more than 10 in one of the rings.

The Banker's Game

We rolled dices and were given Base 10 to make the biggest number possible in five minutes. We had to ask 'the banker' to exchange our Base 10 if we had 10 of the same item.

We are making the most of the sunny and warm weather and are spending lots of time outside. We complete the Daily Mile each day and have been enjoying learning and developing our running and dodging skills in P.E.

Adjective Hunt

To help us become super Year 3 writers, we went outside to find as many different adjectives we could find to describe our beautiful surroundings and God's creation.

God's natural wonderful world

In R.E. we looked for natural items in the Woodland Walk that brought us joy and shows us how God created a wonderful world.

History Timelines

In History, we looked at chronological timelines and learnt what BC and AD mean. We made a human timeline outside, putting ourselves in chronological order.


The school value this half-term is Wisdom and the pupils had a discussion about what wisdom means and what they can do to help it grow in the classroom, the school and in the community.