Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at St. Michael's

On this page you can find photo highlights of Year 3. This page will be updated regularly with relevant information, links to useful websites and photos of class activities.

May 2021 Highlights


Year 3 had their very own Roman Day in school where we came in dressed up as Romans and spent the day acting like Romans. Throughout the day, we learnt about Roman Gods (such as Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars and Pluto), Roman Numerals, made mosaics and had a Roman Feast (including honey cakes and Roman bread drizzled with olive oil). We made our own Roman shields and then used them to get into different testudo positions that Roman soldiers would have got into. We also learned about Roman Gladiators and played friendly Gladiator games outside. It was a great day of learning through fun and it was great to see how much the pupils enjoyed the day.

Gladiator Games

Mosaic Making

Making a Roman shield

Enjoying a Roman Feast

Forming Testudos

Year 3 Verulamium Trip

As part of our work on Roman Britain, Year 3 went on a visit to the Verulamium Museum at St. Alban's. We enjoyed taking part in a Roman Market workshop and learnt about the different tools, clothes, food and pottery that have been found in Verulamium. Year 3 were able to answer as well as ask lots of interesting questions about Roman life in Britain. It was lovely to have the museum to ourselves and have a look at a range of artefacts, mosaics and see a real-life Roman hypocaust.


We had our first handball session with Annika from Bishop’s Stortford Handball Club and we have started to learn the rules of handball and play mini-games.


In Athletics, we have been developing our throwing skills and have been practising shot put, using the correct technique and method.

Year 3 Bake Off!

Year 3 were given a Bake Off Signature Challenge where they had to design and make their own Rocky Roads. All the teams came up with creative ideas and some of the flavours included fizzy cola bottles, fudge, M&Ms and toffee. All the teams produced delicious and moreish Rocky Roads and after being judged by Mr Hays and Mrs Way, the winners were announced as The Baking Rocky Roads team who made a very colourful and chewy "Rocky Road Heaven" which contained crushed M&Ms, Melted Fudge and Marshmallows. The competition was very tight and there were only a few points between the teams. We had great fun practising our baking, measuring and recipe/instructional writing skills too.


As a Marble In The Jar treat we had a fun session outside experimenting with cornflour slime. We played around with the slime and saw that it could have different states such as a solid and then a liquid. It was a very fun, yet messy activity!

April 2021 Highlights

Computing : Using Scratch to make animations

In Computing, we have been learning about how to code and programme in Scratch and how to make our own animations. We are making animations based on our fables that we wrote during Lockdown. Our characters are able to move on screen, use speech bubbles and make sounds.

Athletics : Javelin

In P.E., we have been perfecting our throwing skills and have been learning how to successfully throw a javelin, thinking carefully about our positioning of our feet and arms and where we are placing our hands on the javelin.

History - Roman Roads

In History, we have been learning about the Roman Invasion of Britain and how the Romans built roads in Britain. We made 3D models of what Romans looked like. Our models contained four layers, a layer of rubble, a layer of stones, a layer of sand, pebbles and gravel and then topped with smooth paving stones. We learnt about the importance of Roman roads and why Romans wanted better roads.

Drama Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed a Perform Drama workshop which focused on mental wellbeing. We had fun creating our own freeze frames, such as a tea party at a zoo, and we thought carefully about positive body language and how that can make us feel good about ourselves.

Maths : Fractions

In Year 3 we have started learning more about fractions, including how to recognise fractions and how to work out fractions of an amount. We were given multi-link cubes and had to make towers based on certain requirements, such as one quarter of the tower has to be red and one half has to be green.

Riddles with Year 4

Year 3 love riddles, dingbats and brainteasers and we enjoyed listening and solving the riddles that Year 4 had written.

Easter Highlights

Religious Education: The Holy Week

In R.E., we learnt about the Holy Week and we went on a trail around the hall visiting stations about each day of the Holy Week. We reflected on how Jesus and his disciples would have felt during this time and listened carefully to each other's ideas and reflections.

Easter Card making

We made Easter cards to give to our families.

Easter Egg Hunt

We enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt before we broke up for Easter holidays. In pairs, we were given our own unique pattern to find and had to search high and low over the school playing field to find four matching eggs. The first pair to find all four were the winners!

Back To School Highlights

It has been great to see the pupils back in the Year 3 classroom and in person.

Year 3 came back into school ready to be back in the classroom and we enjoyed doing various activities to settle the children back into the school routine. We have started to share lots of our home learning videos and Powerpoints that the pupils made at home and we have continued with a range of games and quizzes that we did on Google Classroom.

We have been doing Art projects, such as drawing portraits of each other, team-building and team challenges in P.E. and we held our postponed Maths Off Championships. We also had our belated Christmas Party and had a Fake Christmas Day where we enjoyed Christmas Dingbats and Quizzes, making paper chains for our Christmas Party and enjoyed watching our Christmas Extravaganza all together for the first time.

Team Building Challenges

In P.E., we did lots of team building activities and challenges. We needed to work together, listen to one another's ideas and support each other to complete each challenge. For one challenge, we needed to pass through three hoops without touching them whilst still holding hands.

Cross The River

Another team challenge involved making it from one side of the playground to the other by only being allowed to stand within three hoops. We had to work collaboratively and keep on passing the hoops forward whilst not stepping out of the hoop to make it to the other end of the playground.

Maths Off Championships

In Year 3 we have regular Maths tournaments to challenge us on what we have been learning in Maths. We keep a leader-board of everyone's score and the top eight pupils at the end of the term make it through to the End-Of-Term Finals.

The eight pupils were split into two groups and faced each other in a round robin format, with the top two pupils making the semi-finals and then a final. We had buzzers and it was the first pupil to buzz in correctly who scored a point. The pupils had to answer questions about column addition, column subtraction, shape, position and times tables.

It was a tense competition with some rounds having only one point in it. It was a great fun way to learn and a nice way to start being back in school.

Pass The Parcel

The Chocolate Game

Musical Chairs

As we missed our Christmas Party during the last week of term due to having to self-isolate just before Christmas, we had a belated Christmas Party on our first week back in school after lockdown. We had a Fake Christmas Day where we did a range of Christmas games and activities (including telling a cracker joke to try and make Mr Hays and Mrs Way laugh) as well as have a Christmas party in the afternoon with classic party games.

December 2020 Highlights

Calendar Making

In Year 3 we made a multi-textured 2021 calendar. Each box represented a month of the year and we put in an image to show that month. We had a cotton wool snowman for January, a maypole for May (made from a lolly stick and wool for the ribbons), sandpaper for the beach for August and paint splutters for November's fireworks. The pupils worked really hard to make their calendars look beautiful.

Christmas Card Making

In Year 3, we have completed our Christmas cards. We used lolly sticks to make an image of a stable and included Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus inside. The stable also had the Star of Bethlehem on top.

Christmas Karaoke

As another Marble In The Jar treat, the class were given a Christmas Karaoke afternoon. We sang along to Christmas classics such as All I Want For Christmas Is You, Last Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.


In Year 3 we have brought in homemade Christmas decorations which we made as part of a Home Learning review. We shared them with the class and explained how and why we made it. We have a variety of decorations on our Year 3 tree, such as angels, santas, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, Christmas pudding and snowflakes.

Netball - Chest Pass Relays

In P.E., we have been developing our Chest Passes and how to pass with accuracy and precision. We had relay races where we had to travel from one end of the playground to the other whilst passing the ball using a chest pass. Well done to Jessica, Siana and Alex who were the eventual winners.

Maths - Turns

In Maths, we have been learning about angles and turns, using vocabulary such as quarter-turns, half-turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise. We played games inside and outside where we had to give directions to our learning partners and make them face a certain part of the classroom.

Maths - Angles

We made our own angles using two strips of card joined together with a split pins. We made different angles and had to identify whether they were right angles, less than right angles (acute angles) or more than rights angles (obtuse angles). We looked around the classroom for examples of right angles.

November 2020 Highlights


In P.E., we have been developing our passing skills and our chest passes. We have been playing games to help with our attacking and developing skills.

Performance Poetry

In English, we have been thinking about performance poetry and how we can read out poems with appropriate volume, intonation, pace, rhythm and actions. Each group was given a Christmas poem to perform to the class, thinking about how we can bring the poem to life with our voices and bodies.

2D and 3D Shapes

In Maths, we have been learning how to describe 2D and 3D shapes and how to use the appropriate vocabulary such as vertices, edges and faces. We had to solve riddles to find the correct 2D or 3D shapes.

Holy Trinity Poetry

In R.E. we have been learning about the Holy Trinity and wrote our own kennings poetry to describe what the Holy Trinity means. We performed them to the class.

P.E. Virtual Multi-Skills Tournament

Year 3 did extremely well in the Bishop's Stortford Multi-Skills Tournament. After five challenging events, which included striding, skipping, agility running, throwing and catching and holding a stork position, we added up our points to see who had accumulated the most over the five events and to see who won the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Well done to all Year 3 for working hard and trying their best at all the challenges.

French Numbers

As part of our outside learning, we played French games to help us practise our French numbers. We had to get ourselves in the correct order, from smallest to largest without talking to each other and by only communicating by gesturing. We also had to find and run to various French numbers that were dotted around the playground based on whether they were multiples of fives or even/odd numbers.


We marked Remembrance Day this year by reflecting on what Remembrance means to people all over the country and the how and why Remembrance is marked. The pupils had a mature and sensible discussion about the impact of wars on people and their lives. We reflected on what remembrance means to us.

Year 3 wrote War poetry. We felt about what it was like to be a soldier in the trenches and what experiences we would have to face.

Doughnut Challenge

As a Marble In The Jar treat, the class had the challenge of eating a raspberry jam sugar-coated doughnut without licking our lips! Most of us were able to do so!

Punctuating Speech

In English we have been learning how to punctuate direct speech. Outside we were given words and punctuation marks and we needed to make sure we were standing in the correct position to make a super sentence with the speech marks, comma and full stops in the correct places.

Christmas Art

With Christmas soon approaching, we designed our own Christmas cards and drew a Father Christmas.

Catapult Making

As our second Marble In The Jar treat, we were given the challenge of making a catapult and then launching a marshmallow the furthest distance. We made out catapults out of six lollysticks, five elastic bands and a plastic spoon. We each took it in turns to launch our catapults and launch our marshmallows the furthest possible distance.

Risky - Subtracting

We played Risky again - this time though we used our mental subtraction knowledge. Starting from 100, we had to get our total to 0 and had to repeatedly subtract the cards that we drew from the deck of cards.

Holy Trinity

In R.E., we have been learning about the Holy Trinity. We were given cards to sort out into the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

PSHE - Opinions and Debating

In PSHE, we looked at how we can all have our own individual opinions on topics such as "Should the government ban selling fizzy drinks to children?" and "Should we have more PE lessons in school?". The pupils had to vote whether they agreed, disagreed or neither agreed or disagreed. We learnt the importance of giving reasons to back up our opinions and how it is important to respect and value everyone else's opinion.

P.E. - Catching and Throwing

As part of our practice for the Bishop's Stortford Virtual Multi-Skills tournament we had to throw a ball at the wall and catch it as many times as we could in thirty seconds. We needed to think carefully about our accuracy and keeping focus. It was harder than it looked.

Zero The Hero

In Maths we have been learning about mental subtraction and played a game called Zero The Hero where we had to subtract the hundreds, tens and ones of a three-digit number so that eventually all the digits became zero.

R.E. - Baptism

In R.E. we learnt about the symbolism of water in Christianity and learnt about the similarities and differences of infant and adult baptism. We sorted out cards into whether they were features of infant or adult baptisms and then ranked them in the order we felt was the most significant.

October 2020 Highlights

PSHE - Compromise Drama

In PSHE, we learnt about how we can solve conflict and arguments by compromising. We were each given scenarios to act out and show how we would come to a sensible and fair compromise.

P.E. - Virtual Multi Skills Training

Year 3 will enter into the Virtual Bishop's Stortford Multi Skills Tournament and have five skills to practise and perfect including a standing stork pose, skipping striding and an agility run.

Homemade Stone Age
Stewed Fruit Recipe

Sharing Home Learning

Year 3 have been bringing in a range of their own home learning and thinking creatively how to do their Learning Reviews. We have had lots of quizzes about what we have been learning. Additional learning has included making authentic Stone Age Stewed Fruit (using honeycomb instead of sugar), making a presentation about Endangered Animals and sharing home stories.


As part of our work on mental fluency and addition strategies, we played a game called Risky using playing cards. We had to make a total of 100 but had to be careful of drawing a King or Ace from the deck of cards as that made us go 'bust'. We had to think carefully about whether to continue drawing cards as well as making sure we were keeping a running total of our number.

Drawing and Shading

In Art, we learned about shading and how to apply different pressures to make different tones with our pencils. We explored using cross-hatching to create shadows.

Numeros francais

In French, we have learnt how to count up to ten in French. We also tried some simple French maths calculations and played a matching game where we had to match up the correct digit with the French word.

Maths Mental Fluency

In Maths, we have been learning strategies to help us mentally add together two numbers. We used our knowledge of number bonds to ten, place value and using compensation to help us add. We played a game on the interactive white board and then used splodge grids to quickly add numbers together.

Running, Weaving and Dodging

In P.E. we have been developing our running, weaving and dodging skills. We have been playing many tag and dodging games. This game was Beat The Defender as the pupils had to make it from one end of the playground to the other without being tagged.


We have been working on our accuracy skills for whole-class games of Dodgeball.

Art - Murals that come to life

In Art, we painted the characters and settings that we had been describing in English. We are then going to imagine that our paintings come to life and we are transported to the setting and get to meet the character in our story writing.

Addition and Subtraction Pyramids

In Maths, we solved Addition and Subtraction pyramids. At the end, we all solved this tricky pyramid. We generated four two-digit numbers using dice and then used our knowledge of number bonds and partitioning to mentally work out the total additions to complete the pyramid.

Stonehenge Models

In History, we learnt about the origins of Stonehenge and made our own Stonehenge models.

Tangram Team Challenge

In Year 3, as part of PSHE, we took on the 'Tangram Team Challenge' where we had 10 minutes to make as many different pictures using tangram pieces. We had to collaborate, co-operate and listen to each other’s ideas and had to make as many different pictures as possible within a time limit. Between us we created different images such as hamburgers, cats, dragons, headphones and houses using all of the seven shapes.


We were lucky enough to have a yoga session provided by Mrs Thompson. We acted out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears using ten different yoga positions.


We worked hard to learn the signing for our Harvest songs and learnt how to sign the songs 'Here I Am To Worship' and 'This Day'. This was an alternative to signing due to the current circumstances.

Taste Test

As we had earnt enough Marbles In The Jar, we were rewarded with a Taste Test. We tasted two of each item and had to see whether we could tell the which one was the branded food and which one was the Aldi supermarket equivalent. Wearing blindfolds, we tasted and tried to tell the difference between 'Mars' bars and 'Titan' bars, Coca Cola and Aldi Cola, Pringles and Stackers, Milkybar Buttons and Dairyfine Buttons, and Jammie Dodgers and Jammie Wheels.

September 2020 Highlights

Year 3 have returned to school raring to go and ready for the challenges and fun of being in the juniors for the first time. The first fortnight at school has been full of creative and reflective activities as the pupils have been getting used to the 'new normal' and reflecting on returning to school full time after lockdown and their summer holidays.

Pepper Germs Activity

We conducted an experiment using pepper, soap and water to show us the importance of washing our hands regularly.

Nature Music

We went on a forage for natural items in the Woodland Walk and turned them into a range of musical instruments and performed them to each other.

Lockdown Time Capsule

We discussed what we would remember from our experiences of lockdown and made a time capsule which we buried in the Woodland Walk. We put in memories such as rainbows, learning new skills such as bike riding and the ukulele, having Zoom meeting with friends and clapping for the NHS staff and carers. We wonder who may find our capsule in years to come?

Emotion Balloon Tennis

We drew emotions on balloons and then played tennis with them outside, spreading a range of positive emotions to each other including happiness, love and joy.

3D Rainbows

We looked at how rainbows have become a symbol of hope and that we can only have a rainbow if there is rain. We made 3D models of rainbows.

We have played lots of games in Maths to help us with our learning of place value and have been undertaking Maths reasoning challenges.

Row of Coins

Year 3 were given a range of clues to put five different coins in a particular order.

Place Value Tiddlywinks

We played Tiddlywinks on a place value target chart and had to regroup the tiddlywinks if we had more than 10 in one of the rings.

The Banker's Game

We rolled dices and were given Base 10 to make the biggest number possible in five minutes. We had to ask 'the banker' to exchange our Base 10 if we had 10 of the same item.

Hot Shot

We played "Hot Shot" to help us practise adding or taking away 1, 10 or 100 from a number. Once we worked out the answer to some clues, we could cover that number with one of our counters. The player with the most counters at the end of the game won!


In Maths, we played Wonky to help us with learning about ordering numbers and place value. We took turns to roll dices to generate 3-digit numbers. We had to think carefully about where could put the digits in a place value chart as we had to create either the biggest or smallest numbers possible.

< or > ?

We played < or >? We generated 3-digit numbers using number cards and then had to work out whether to use the Greater Than sign (>) or the Less Than sign (<).

Round It

We Played Round It to help us learn how to round up numbers to 10. We had to put numbers that we generated onto a 'number slope' to see which is the nearest 10 and which number to round to.

We are making the most of the sunny and warm weather and are spending lots of time outside. We complete the Daily Mile each day and have been enjoying learning and developing our running and dodging skills in P.E.

Adjective Hunt

To help us become super Year 3 writers, we went outside to find as many different adjectives we could find to describe our beautiful surroundings and God's creation.

God's natural wonderful world

In R.E. we looked for natural items in the Woodland Walk that brought us joy and shows us how God created a wonderful world.

History Timelines

In History, we looked at chronological timelines and learnt what BC and AD mean. We made a human timeline outside, putting ourselves in chronological order.

Philosophy 4 Children

We have had our first Philosophy 4 Children session in Year 3. The pupils had to think about and answer some 'sticky questions' and gave some sensitive and thought-provoking responses to questions such as "If you dig up buried treasure, is it yours?", "If you could make one new law, what would it be?" and "Would an elephant make a good pet?" All the pupils were keen to participate and share their thoughts and ideas and listened carefully and responsibly to everyone's contributions.

R.E. - Hot Seating

In R.E., as part of our work on the Creation Story, we thought about what we would say to God if we had been able to talk to him before he created the world. Several children took the "hot seat" and the other pupils took turns in asking the questions they would ask God. The pupils took to this task incredibly well and asked thought-provoking questions and responded with some great answers. The pupils suggested asking God to make more fruits and vegetables so that we didn't need to eat meat and that he could make more land to have more species of animals.


In Year 3 we have started to learn French. We have begun learning French greetings such as "Bonjour", "Je suis anglais", "Au revoir" and "Comment ça va?"

We have been working with our learning partners to have short conversations in French and have been learning French by listening to French songs.

Prefix Pairs

In English, we have been learning about how to make new words or change a word's meaning by adding prefixes. We have learnt about un-, dis- and mis-. We played Prefix Pairs where we had to turn over cards to make new words.

Learning the Glockenspiel

For our first series of music lessons in Year 3, we are learning to play the glockenspiel and have been learning to read musical notations on the stave. We had fun playing the song "Easy E" and copying the rhythms we were given.

Year 3 playing "Strictly D"

We have now learnt two notes on the musical stave and the notes on the glockenspiel. We have learnt that music can be in different time signatures and have been counting in bars of four beats.

The Daily Mile

Everyday in Year 3, we undertake the Daily Mile and run about six laps of our new Daily Mile track. It helps to keep us fit and healthy.

Dragon Art

We used DrawWithRob to help us draw a dragon. We will soon be drawing and painting our own mythical creature. In English, we will be writing our own adventure stories about what happens when our painting comes to life.


To help us with our drawing skills, we played a game of Pictionary where we had to draw different objects to our learning partner, who had to guess what we were drawing.

God's Instructions

To show the importance of the instructions that God gave to us, we were challenged to make a 3D model of a pair of lungs without any instructions. We soon realised the importance of having instructions. We chose a pair of lungs as we have recently been thinking about God's wonderful world and realised the importance of preserving trees which give us oxygen.

History - Stone Age Houses

In History, we have been learning about the different kinds of homes that people from the Stone Age lived in. We learnt that in the Old Stone Age (the Paleolithic era), they lived in caves and in the New Stone Age (the Neolithic era), they had advanced to building houses from stone. We drew diagrams and labeled them with the materials Stone Age people used to build their homes.


The school value this half-term is Wisdom and the pupils had a discussion about what wisdom means and what they can do to help it grow in the classroom, the school and in the community.