Year 3

Important things to note:

  • Pupils need to complete the learning review page in their planner every week. These need to be handed in every Monday.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings on a Thursday and times tables on a Friday.
  • PE Kits are required on Mondays, but would be useful if PE Kit was in school at all times as these sessions do sometimes change.
  • Pupils will be swimming this term on Tuesdays.

Learning for the fullness of life,

Learning for life,

Learning to be an effective global citizen,

Learning for the future.

Information about Year 3

Please click on the documents below for information about Year 3 discussed at the Meet the Teacher session.

meet the teacher.pptx

Autumn Term

This term, the children will be exploring and learning about:

  • English- Monster Stories, Autumn Poems, Non-Chronological Reports about a Monster and Fairy Tales.
  • Maths-Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Measures, Statistics, 2D Shapes, Lines and Angles, and Perimeter.
  • Science- Skeletons and Muscles, and Forces and Magnets
  • Geography- Maps and Compass Directions
  • DT- Moving Monsters, Photograph frames and Christmas decorations
  • History- Bronze Age, Stone Age and Iron Age
  • Art- Drawing and Painting Maps and Places, Sculpture of Places and Landmarks
  • PE- Swimming, Netball and Rapid-Fire Cricket
  • RE- Creation Stories and The Trinity
  • PSHE- Rules, Rights and Responsibilities, Healthy Relationships, and Valuing Difference.

6th September 2019

Year 3 have had a fantastic time exploring our new classroom and getting to know what it is like in Key Stage Two. We had our first music lesson with Mrs Ranger and enjoyed singing and performing lots of different songs. Mrs Pickering gave us some very tricky origami to have a go at to help us to discuss what it means to have a Growth Mindset, and we enjoyed watching some videos about being an effective learner. We have also created some fantastic 'About Me' booklets to help our teachers to get to know us, and have represented ourselves within our own handprints. With Mrs Davies we sang a cool song to help us learn our 3x tables and started our amazing topics of The Stone age in history and Skeletons and Muscles in science!

20th September 2019

Year 3 have begun to explore their topic of Monsters this week. In English, they have looked at the story of Moz the Monster (from the John Lewis Christmas advert a few years ago) and focused on describing Moz by considering his appearance and personality. In DT, they explored a number of pneumatic systems, considering how they worked and which were the most effective. In the next few weeks, Year 4 will design and make their own moving monster with a pneumatic system.

4th October 2019

Year 3 have been extremely busy over the past week. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Stonehenge and creating housing adverts for a Stone Age dwelling. Today we have been trying out different sports at the Birchwood games afternoon too!

18th October 2019

Year 3 have begun to think about autumn this week and have used their five senses to describe what autumn is like. Mrs Pickering has been very impressed with the descriptive vocabulary they have used, such as ruddy flames of a bonfire, mottled pears, pungent cinnamon and growling thunder. Together, we have created an autumn display and year 3 have been keenly bringing in items all week to add to the display. Next week, the children will use this vocabulary and these ideas to write some poems about autumn.

8th November 2019

As part of the Into Film Festival, Years 3 and 4 visited Empire Cinema to watch How to Train Your Dragon- The Hidden World. The children thoroughly enjoyed the film and had some very thoughtful discussions about the characters, settings and plot when we returned to school. Here are some of the comments the children made about the film:

“The film was giving the message that you should never give up and always keep trying even when you think it has all gone wrong.”

“I was amazed by the hidden world and thought it was a spectacular and stunning place.”

“I think the film was about ourselves and how we are all special in our own way.”

In the following days, Year 3 and 4 worked together to look at some picture stills from various parts of the film. We discussed what made a great sentence and in mixed pairs, we spent some time writing some great descriptive sentences about the pictures. Mrs Pickering and Mrs Tozer were impressed with some of the strong, powerful vocabulary used and some of the fantastic figurative language. Year 3 enjoyed working with Year 4 and many have asked to do it again!