Year 2

Spring Term Year 2

At Work and Play

Maths - our learning this term

This term we continue learning about number placement, times tables, number bonds and will begin to successfully use < and > signs. We will also continue to work on our understanding of time and reading the clock, recognising patterns and symmetry lines and creating multi-sided shapes.

English - our learning this term

This term we will be delving into some fantastic poetry. We have begun by looking at songs and poems of repetition, using these as tools to expand our vocabulary and enrich our use of adjectives. We have also started to use similes as a means of comparison and to create extended descriptions.

Inspired by our first visit to Grange Paddocks and our first class swimming lesson, we composed the following class poem.

I went swimming today!

I went swimming today!

I felt wonderful, happy and scared,

I felt cold, frustrated and wet,

I felt wild, wobbly and cross.

I went swimming today!

I heard echoes as quiet as a mouse,

I heard the children splashing and learning,

I heard the teacher blowing her whistle,

I heard the drops of water.

I went swimming today!

I saw people jumping in the pool,

I saw children swimming very fast,

I saw the teacher telling us things,

I saw the people listening quietly.

I went swimming today!

I felt happy as the sun,

I felt scared like a little rabbit,

I felt amazed like a celebrity,

I felt wet as a fish,

I felt joyful like a jumping frog.

I went swimming today!

I heard the echoes like a dark cave,

I heard splashing like a blue whale,

I heard ticking like a grandfather clock,

I heard ripples like a wave.

I went swimming today!

I didn’t want it to stop.

I went swimming today -

I want to go again!

Year 2, January 2018

Year 2: The Great Fire of London School Trip

On November 1st we went on a fabulous trip to London as part of our History topic on 'The Great Fire of London'. We climbed The Monument, which was designed to commemorate The Great Fire of 1666 and saw panoramic views of the city. We then went to The Millenium Bridge to spot some of the city's most famous buildings and bridges. After lunch, which we had in the former choir school of St Paul's, we then visited the cathedral for a workshop on the effects of The Great Fire on the building and surrounding area.

Christmas with Year 2 - our highlights from last term

We have enjoyed a wonderful run-up to Christmas. In assemblies we have learned about the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of sharing and kindness at this special time of year. Year 2 also prepared a superb nativity called "Jesus' Christmas Party", with Year 1 and Reception supporting them in singing and dancing. All of our class had their own lines to deliver and gave special performances of the nativity story.

We have also taken full advantage of the snow and enjoyed playing, snowball rolling, snowman building and making memories with friends.