Year 2

May Round Up

May has seen us delve into lots of new topics. We have loved doing Computing this half-term, using the programme Scratch. We learned how to programme different sprites to move, have conversations, dance, make music and created lots of different moving stories.

In History, we have focused on Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Grace Darling - broadening our research to individual projects on famous women from History. These have been an absolute delight and showcased the children's interests - we've had artists, footballers, actress mermaids, nurses, doctors, scientists, civil rights activists and more. This little girl was so inspired she decided to recreate a famous portrait of Frida Kahlo.

In English we have explored George's Marvellous Medicine where we created all manner of fantastic concoctions, working hard on our descriptive skills.

In Art, we have been learning about African patterns, print, design and tribal art inspired by our first topic this half term based on 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett. We have learned; how to draw African animals, how to blend colours for a sunset, how to create geometric and nature themed patterns, and made beautiful spirit masks.

We finished our half-term with a special Forest School day. We created Woodland Sprites using found materials and air-drying clay, before naming them and describing their personalities. We worked together to find all the minibeasts we could in our Woodland Walk; learned how to draw robins following an online tutorial, and created woodland friendly eco-bird feeders. Some children chose to go on a leaf-hunt, trying to classify the different trees, and others chose to make bug hotels. A fantastic end to a wonderful half-term.

Together Again

We are so glad to be back together again! This past fortnight has seen us get stuck into Busy Learning, and explore new learning challenges. The children have enjoyed spending time together doing nature weaving, lego building, yoga, team building PE, drop everything and read time, water construction and measuring challenges, and lots of fun practical Maths.

We have also been looking at the book, ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. This beautiful book has been the focus of much of our PSHE work, group discussion, art and writing. I have been blown away by the depth of understanding the children have shown in their response to the text. This child chose to write her favourite line from the book on our earth sun-catchers: ‘people may look different, act different and sound different, but don’t be fooled. We are all people.’ This helped us to explore our different feelings towards the pandemic and our different experiences of lockdown. The book also encouraged us to think about where we are right now and who we are as people, inspiring some beautiful art work and a final piece of writing on our own top tips for living a good life on planet Earth. The children have been completely hooked by this book and it is a joy to see them back together again, loving learning. Bravo Year 2!

We have ended the Spring term by enjoying our wonderful outside space. We were inspired by the things we could see, hear, touch and smell, and wrote descriptive phrases around our daily mile track. We also enjoyed making some fantastic watercolour bunnies.

Nativity Practice Files

Please use the following mp3s to help your child learn the songs for our upcoming, mini nativity.

01 This Is Bethlehem.mp3
02 Underneath The Star There Is A Stable.mp3
04 Spread The Joy.mp3

November Highlights

We have had a brilliant November so far and here are just some of our stand out moments.

Art - we have finished our painting work by looking at the artist Van Gogh and his famous piece, Starry Night. We carefully applied our knowledge of shades, tones, and colour mixing to create a beautiful night sky before adding silhouettes and fireworks, full of contrasting colours.

Literacy - we have been working hard on all manner of things in our Literacy sessions this month. Our topic is 'Epic Journeys' and we have been enjoying doing some drama as we create our own quest stories. We have also been looking at fun ways to learn common exception spellings!

Maths - this month has seen us really progress in our maths fluency as we have tackled moving forwards and backwards in 10 from any 2-digit number. Year 2 are especially enjoying our measurement lessons at the moment, using lots of new and fun equipment.

PE - We are really excited about learning new dance styles with Mrs Ewin, and have been working hard to learn some ballet. We also enjoy our sports sessions which we enjoy twice a week during lunchtimes. These sessions are led by Sports Leader Natasha, who helps the children develop agility, concentration and team work.

PSHE - learning about our thoughts and feelings, how we should treat others, and how others may be feeling, continues to be an important part of every day. We have enjoyed learning about amazing black people both living and from history, as part of Black History Month. We created beautiful poppy art as we reflected on Remembrance Day and Sir Tom Moore. During anti-bullying week, we discussed what makes us different and the same, and how we can help to spread kindness.

October Highlights

We have had a busy start to October working hard on our phonics and maths skills; continuing our 'Singing in the Rain' topic which looks at weather across the UK, the story of 'The Storm Whale', the colour wheel, and materials. We have also introduced Finger Gym activities during Busy Learning Time to help the children develop their fine motor skills which will, in turn, improve their handwriting and English work. We have also enjoyed a fantastic yoga workshop led by The Wonder Tree.

A Busy Learning September!

We have been so impressed by the children and their approach to Busy Learning Time. We have seen lots of children challenging themselves to try new activities or extend their learning from guided Maths and English - it has been a joy to see. Well done Year 2!

We learned about Mandalas in our daily reflection time and the calming way we can focus on ever increasing circles. These children were inspired by nature and created their own nature mandalas in our outdoor space during Busy Learning Time.

Inspired by our topic of storms and weather, these children created a sea scape for the character of Noi from our class text, 'The Storm Whale'. Great team work guys! As a class we looked at how colours blend and mix to create complementing and contrasting colours - our colour wheels gave us great inspiration and knowledge to create some really stormy art work.

We have been looking at common exception (tricky) words in our phonics this September and have had good fun trying to learn their spellings and creating sentences for them to sit in.

Our Scooter Training was great fun! We learned how to stop safely, how long it takes to break in dry and wet weather, tried our handling skills in tricky obstacle courses and learned about how to stay safe when we are scooting around the town. Well done super scooters!

Start of term highlights

What a great start to Year 2 we have made! We are all enjoying being together again and are spending time settling into our new school routines. This year, the children will enjoy Busy Learning Time where they are able to choose a learning zone and complete interesting challenges that stretch their imagination and thinking skills. We are learning to be self-motivated, to collaborate, to think creatively and to challenge ourselves. Here are some highlights from week 1.

We have also been spending time talking about our thoughts and feelings whilst we all begin to process this unusual year and the different experiences we have had. We especially enjoyed creating our Thankfulness Tree where each child created a beautiful tag describing what they were truly thankful for.