Year 2

Random Acts of Kindness

Year 2 made ‘happy’ cards to give to the residents of Elmhurst Care Home. The idea of the cards was to bring a smile to someone’s face. We used some of our class kitty to buy some biscuits for them to enjoy too.


Year 6 came to help us take part in a virtual competition. They set up different activities for us and then we had to complete each one and be timed or measured. The results will be sent off and compared to other schools in the area.

Word Day

As part of the whole school 'Word Day' Year 2 looked at extending their vocabulary, including making sock puppet fish to 'catch' words, using a thesaurus to find synonyms and using a dictionary to explore the meaning of words.

Prayer corner

We have a new challenge in our reflective area, to design a pom pom character. We need to think about what makes us special and unique and reflect on the similarities and differences we have between us.

Drama workshop

All the infant classes took part in a drama workshop by the company 'Perform'. They imagined they were superheroes and took part in lots of different drama activities. The message behind the workshop was 'Reduce, reuse, recycle'.


Last week, something strange happened in Year 2 - an egg appeared! We then found evidence from the CCTV cameras that a dragon had hatched from the egg and was seen flying around the classroom! Thankfully, a professor came to ensure everything was safe and has taken the dragon to help raise him as apparently this is tricky to do. Since then we have been exploring stories and poems about dragons and using these to help us improve our writing. Today we went on a dragon hunt and discovered them hiding around our classroom and playground area.

Independent cooking

This half term our challenge is to make bread. Take a look at the bread some of the children managed to make by following the recipe independently.

Explorers wanted

In English we have been doing a unit of work on explorers. We have written adverts for explorers, researched famous explorers and written adventure stories as well. To complete the unit of work, and linked to our history work, we found out about the first ever flight made by the Wright brothers. We had a go at designing our own aeroplanes and then wrote instructions about how to make them. These instructions have been made into a book which has been given to Reception class so they can have a go at making our aeroplanes too.

Museum of Transport - Covent Garden

We had a fantastic trip to London as part of our history work on transport. We saw lots of different types of transport there and took part in a workshop in which we found out more and even had a go at designing our own buses.


In PE this half term we have been looking at dance using water to influence our movement. The children have listened to different types of music, and imagined different water scenes such as rain, rivers and the sea to make up short performances.

The Lord’s Prayer Trail

As part of our focus on prayer in RE, we looked at the example of prayer that Jesus gave and looked at the meaning behind each part by going on a trail. These are examples of what we did and thought about.

Our Father in heaven,

Christians believe that God is a loving parent. We thought of someone who may need help and ‘put them into God’s hands’ by placing their name/s into the image of God’s hands.

hallowed be your name

In the Bible, God is called by many different names. We looked at the characteristics of God and attached them to a tree as this is like God – reaching up to Heaven and rooted in the ground.

Your kingdom come, Sometimes it can be hard to understand God, life and the world. We wrote ‘big’ questions that puzzle us about these things and pegged them up.

your will be done,

Christians believe that the best thing for them is to follow God’s way. We drew around out feet to imagine we were walking in God’s footsteps and thinking about how we would like to live.

on earth as it is in heaven.

We each had a stone which we held to say a prayer for the world. We then added these to a map of the world.

Give us this day our daily bread

What are we thankful for? We shared some bread together and ate it really slowly thinking about all the things we are thankful for.

and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us,

We all do things that are wrong sometimes. When we do it is good to say sorry and ask forgiveness. Christians believe that God forgives us when we get things wrong. We wrote things we were sorry for on a piece of paper and then screwed it up to throw into the bin so our ‘sins’ were forgiven and forgotten too.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Sometimes we are tempted to do the wrong thing. Christians believe that God wants them to be the BEST they can and make the right choices. He wants them to be a light that shows others the way to behave. We each got given a glow stick as a reminder of this and how we can be a light in someone else’s life.

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen.

To complete our trail we took our glow sticks on a daily mile around the school grounds to ‘spread our light’.


In RE we have been thinking about prayer and the it connects different religions. There are lots of different ways in which people pray. Three children in our class led a lesson on their faith and spoke to us about how their family prays as well as sharing objects that are special to them. Sonam talked to us about Buddhism, Adam spoke to us about Islam and Helena spoke to us about Judaism. The rest of the class then had an opportunity to share how some of them pray too.


There has been a lot of cooking going on in year 2 recently. The children have designed and made their own pizzas which they tell us were "the best pizzas they have ever made!". They also all had the chance the make a Christmas cake which involved a lot of measuring as well as developing specific skills such as breaking an egg. They then decorated them independently before taking home to share at home for Christmas.

Tree Champions

We have created our own 'Tree Champions' using clay and natural resources to put faces on the trees in the school grounds. Hopefully they will help to protect the trees as we have been thinking about how we can cherish, protect and look after the environment as part of our RE work on The Creation Story.

Paradise Wildlife Park

On Wednesday we went to Paradise Wildlife Life. We had a workshop all about animals and their habitats and used a map to find examples of the places where these animals are kept. We also learnt about animals that are in crisis and how people can prevent this from happening by respecting the environment more and become effective global citizens. In the afternoon we got to explore the park and visit all the animals, seeing if we could find an animal for each letter of the alphabet which motivated us to look more closely at the enclosures and the animals living within them.

The Great Fire of London

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and have been really inspired to find out more. Last week to engage them even further, we had our own re-enactment of the fire, setting fire to the houses we had made from cardboard and straw. Thankfully, just like the real fire, we were able to stop it from reaching The Tower of London.

With half term approaching you may be interested to know there are tours you can take in London to follow in the footsteps of the fire. Some of these are organised and need to be booked or alternatively the link below shows you how you can have your own 'self guided' fire tour.

Fire Brigade Visit

As part of our topic on The Great Fire of London, we had a visit from the local fire brigade who talked to us about their job, about keeping safe and also showed us around their fire engine. They spoke to the children about the importance of team work and how if they wanted to become fire fighters in the future they needed to be able to work collaboratively to solve problems. This helped us to make comparisons with the past and how things have changed over time.

We also have a role play corner based on The Great Fire of London and have borrowed some equipment from the Essex Fire Museum.


The challenge in our new independent cooking area is to make fruit tarts. We have picking the apples and pears growing in the global garden to use in the recipe.


Over the school holidays we collected items in our bags to share to tell everyone about what we had been up to over the summer. We had great fun sharing them together.