Year 2

We have created our own 'Tree Champions' using clay and natural resources to put faces on the trees in the school grounds. Hopefully they will help to protect the trees as we have been thinking about how we can look after the environment as part of our RE work on The Creation Story'.

Paradise Wildlife Park

On Wednesday we went to Paradise Wildlife Life. We had a workshop all about animals and their habitats and used a map to find examples of the places where these animals are kept. We also learnt a little about animals that are in crisis and how people can prevent this from happening. In the afternoon we got to explore the park and visit all the animals, seeing if we could find an animal for each letter of the alphabet.

The Great Fire of London

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London. Last week we had our own re-enactment of the fire, setting fire to the houses we had made from cardboard and straw. Thankfully, just like the real fire, we were able to stop it from reaching The Tower of London.

With half term approaching you may be interested to know there are tours you can take in London to follow in the footsteps of the fire. Some of these are organised and need to be booked or alternatively the link below shows you how you can have your own 'self guided' fire tour.

Fire Brigade Visit

As part of our topic on The Great Fire of London, we had a visit from the local fire brigade who talked to us about their job, about keeping safe and also showed us around their fire engine. This helped us to make comparisons with the past and how things have changed over time.

We also have a role play corner based on The Great Fire of London and have borrowed some equipment from the Essex Fire Museum.


The challenge in our new independent cooking area is to make fruit tarts. We have picking the apples and pears growing in the global garden to use in the recipe.


Over the school holidays we collected items in our bags to share to tell everyone about what we had been up to over the summer. We had great fun sharing them together.