October 2018

Year 1

Year 1 enjoyed a visit to Mountfitchet Castle and the Toy Museum. The class discovered what it might have been like to live and work in the castle in the 11th century. There was lots to see and explore. We were very excited to be given the opportunity by the castle staff to fire the catapult as part of this experience.

The Toy Museum was full of a range of toys from the past and the children were able to think about how they were played with, how old they were and what materials had been used to make them.

September 2018

The class have been busy finding patterns in numbers.

Learning to program the BeeBots.

Finding out about captions, lables, sentences, capital letters and full stops.

The story of The Enormous Crocodile has inspired lots of story writing.

One of the class challenges has been to make a cage for The Enormous Crocodile so that he could not play tricks and eat children.