Year 1

Today we have been on a walk along Apton Road to look at the houses. We looked at the types of houses they are. it is amazing because our road has lots of different types of houses including bungalows, detached, semi-detached, terrace and even flats. Some of the houses are over a hundred years old when a lot of the land here was open fields and one house used to a pub. We also found out about the history of our school which will be 200 years old this year. It was originally build for the poor children and was in the building that is now run by Age Concern.

Year 1 were set an outdoors challenge to create a piece of Christmas artwork. Some groups made their own Christmas trees whilst others made a sleigh.

We have been busy making gingerbread houses in class. First we followed the recipe in groups to make the gingerbread, then we decorated each piece with sweets before icing them together to make the house. They will be coming home soon so enjoy :)

Year One have been taking part in the Picture Book Award as part of the Bishops Stortford College Festival of Literature. We have read a selection of books provided by the college and then we had to vote on which one was our favourite. Our class voted on 'Dogger'. In February we will find out which one is the overall winner.


We had an RE day which explored the Christmas story and the concept of incarnation. We began the day by exploring the story in the school grounds. We visited key places in the story and collected objects along the way which we then used back in the classroom to retell the story. We made story cubes with key characters or parts of the story on as well. Make sure you get your child to use these to tell you the story!

Jesus means 'saviour' or 'helper' so we explored the importance of people's names and found out what our names mean. Part of the day was spent exploring the importance of Mary within the story and how she would have felt about the baby Jesus. We created our own advent calendars thinking about what we could do for each day of advent to help someone like Mary helped Jesus - watch out for these coming home this week!

Outdoor learning

In English we have been looking at building sentences. We had to search the school grounds to find who, what and where cards to help us put together sentences. On returning to the classroom we used this to record the sentences, thinking carefully about remembering our capital letters and full stops.

Our trip to Bishop's Stortford Town Park.

We had a fantastic time at the park! We were looking at how all the equipment works as well as having fun! We will use what we have learnt to help us design and make our own playground equipment in Design Technology.

We have been learning a mini-beast poem in English. We all decided on the best actions for each part - ask your child to perform it for you!

Here comes a caterpillar

Here comes a snail

Here comes a slug

With a slippery tail.

Here comes a butterfly

Here comes a bee

How many minibeasts

Can you see?

Climbing up the window

Climbing up the wall

Some are short and

Some are tall.

We have been exploring the 'Forest School' in our school grounds. We had to make a home for an animal thinking carefully about what kind of living conditions the animals might need.

Our trip to Stansted Mountfitchet Castle and Toy Museum.

We had great fun travelling on the train to the castle and there was so much to see and do. There were even animals, including baby chicks, there.

We were surprised that quite a lot of the toys in the museum are like the toys we play with now.

Our first day

in Year 1