Year 1

Summer Term 2019

This term year 1 have been reading the book 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' by Rhona and David Armitage. The text has been used to support recall and ordering of events, using adjectives to enhance writing and characterisation. The children will be creating story maps for their own versions of the story.

Spring Term 2019

On Shrove Tuesday, 5th March, Yr1 followed recipes to make pancakes. They were delicious with lemon and sugar!I

The following day, in the Key stage 1 assembly, they found out more about 'Pancake Day' and Ash Wednesday and how these days are followed by the Christian season of Lent, a time of reflection and preparation before the celebration of Easter.

Construction challenge

Yr 1 were given the challenge to build the tallest tower they could. They could only use cocktail sticks, mini marshmallows and apple pieces. The winning towers were more than 30cm tall.

The children made a friendship chain in their RE session.

Year 1 have been finding out about 'Special Books' and have recently been investigating stories from the Old Testament in the Bible. Linking with the school value of Justice the children 'brainstormed' how people could come together even after they had done something wrong or unjust. They then wrote their ideas on individual paper links and built up a chain, which is now in the Reflective area in the classroom. The class then made their own friendship chain.

Bishop's Stortford College Festival of Literature 2019

Year 1 were very lucky to be able to visit the Festival of Literature again this year. They had a treat with a presentation by the author Chitra Soundar. Chitra was boen in Chennai and now lives in London. She told the children about the stories that she listened to as a child in India and their influence on her books. Chitra talked enthusiastically about her story Pattan's Pumpkin, based on an Indian flood story, and showed pictures of the illustrations on a large screen.

Chitra has a web site which she was keen for the children to use.

Science in Year 1

This term Year 1 are finding out about seasonal changes and observing the weather. The class have made calendars showing the cycle of the seasons and have ordered the months of the year. They have also been learning a song to help them to remember the order of the months.

After a 'brainstorming' lesson this week each member of the class was asked to write down their own questions about the seasons. Here are a few.

Why do the seasons change? Why are the days so long in summer? How does the Earth go around? Why do some trees not loose their leaves in Autumn?
Why don't we have as much snow as other countries? How does water get cold and then turn to ice? Do animals change in different seasons? How does snow come down? Does Mars have seasons? How does the wind blow so hard? Does the Sun get its power from the Earth's core? Why are there clouds in the sky?

You might like to look at this video clip that we will be showing the children to help explain the seasons.

Autumn Term 2018

Year 1 enjoyed a visit to Mountfitchet Castle and the Toy Museum. The class discovered what it might have been like to live and work in the castle in the 11th century. There was lots to see and explore. We were very excited to be given the opportunity by the castle staff to fire the catapult as part of this experience.

The Toy Museum was full of a range of toys from the past and the children were able to think about how they were played with, how old they were and what materials had been used to make them.

September 2018

The class have been busy finding patterns in numbers.

Learning to program the BeeBots.

Finding out about captions, lables, sentences, capital letters and full stops.

The story of The Enormous Crocodile has inspired lots of story writing.

One of the class challenges has been to make a cage for The Enormous Crocodile so that he could not play tricks and eat children.