Foundation Stage 2

Welcome back Reception!

Reception class were amazing during the months that they took part in 'home learning' or 'bubble groups' at school.

They enjoyed so many different events, topics and experiences. It was lovely to see how the families and school bubble, took the ideas and made them their own or thought of exciting things of their own to share. Our live sessions were a great way to stay in touch, talk about our learning and celebrate our achievements, feelings or experiences.

Now we are all back together at school, it is lovely to play and learn together again.

We all decorated a puzzle piece before we returned to school then built our complete puzzle when we were all 'back together again'. Take a look!

Reception have been really busy this half term. We upload photographs regularly to our families on Tapestry and they can also be found in the newsletter. Here are a few to show you some of the things we get up to!

What have Reception been up to this week? Spring Term (3 weeks):

WC: 8/3/21

Commonwealth Day. International women's day. Mothering Sunday preparation. The Masked Reader!

It has been so lovely to see everyone. As part of our RE learning about our 'Wonderful World' and searching for signs of life, the children all brought seeds, plants or flowers and planted them in the EYFS 'Little Roots' garden when they returned to school. We thought about it being a 'new beginning' for us.

We are looking forward to taking care of the plants over the months ahead.

We read the 'Queen's knickers' which made us laugh when talking about Commonwealth day. We were able to think about things that we associate with royalty and found out about castles and London. It was a great opportunity to look at a map at find out about different places.

International women's day was a great way to talk about equality, fairness and to think about how we treat others and want to be treated.

We also recreated our class rules, as it had been a while since we had needed to remember them.

The children made some secret things to surprise their mummy's on Mothering Sunday. We spoke about the meaning behind the day and how we show people how we feel about them.

WC: 15/3/21

St Patrick's day. Red nose day. Colour mixing and colours. Easter.

Monday was 'blue' day. We made a blue whale and learned how to use a split pin to make its mouth move!

We read a great book about mixing colours.

Tuesday was 'yellow' day. We thought a lot about how the colours made us feel. The children learned painted some daffodil pictures and made some Easter chicks.

Wednesday was 'green' day. We found out about St Patrick and learned about symbols. We listened to some traditional Irish music, looked at a map to find out more and learned about St Patrick's day. We made hats and paper chains. We then decided to make a springing green frog, using folded paper.

Thursday was purple day. Each day we make word banks of things we think of that are the colour. We also talk about colours and feelings. Today we decided to make a colour mixing chart to find out what happens when we mix primary colours. We predicted, then we tried it out.

Red Nose Day was obviously our red day on Friday! We made some really funny red noses to make people laugh and found out why people are raising money.

We learned how to make a puppet of a 'Little Red Hen' using a looped holder for our hands.

WC: 22/3/21

Road safety workshop. Yoga workshop. Coram workshop. All things Easter!

We learned our Easter Song and then recorded it on the IPad!

Yoga with 'The Wonder Tree' was lots of fun. We went on a 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' adventure.

Outside play has been great. We love to explore. This little girl decided to write her numbers using our writing trolley.

We were showing what we knew about balancing and weighing.

Lots of imaginative play too.

We had a virtual road safety workshop, the lady read us a story about staying safe in the car.

We made some Easter hats for our end of term celebration.