Reception Class (FS2)

Welcome to the Reception page. (FS2)

We hope you enjoy finding out about some of the things we get up to as well as information about our class. Don't forget to also look at the main newsletter for whole school events and further information.

Things we will be covering this term:

  • Autumn Term Two:

Diwali. Guy Fawkes. Bonfire night and firework safety. Nocturnal animals. Road safety. Winter. Space. Hanukkah. Advent. Christmas. Co-operation and friendship.

Many other topics will come up through the term, depending on events and children's interests.

Weekly information:

  • Monday - Whole school assembly (AM). Your child's library book is changed today only, so please ensure it is in your child's bookbag.
  • Tuesday - PE with Mrs Mann (AM). Group to computing room with Mrs Ashwood for technology experience. (AM) Songs and Worship whole school assembly (PM)
  • Wednesday - RE with Mrs Goulding (PM) Reception and KS1 assembly (PM)
  • Thursday - I am special class assembly. (PM) (2.40pm to 3.10pm approximately.) By invitation!
  • Friday - Church assembly with Nursery (AM)

Each day:

  • Before school:
    • Please discuss your child's lunch choice with them.
    • Pass any communication for the office/teacher to the adult at the door. (Your child will know where to put their WOW books and home learning so leave that to them!)
  • Please bring:
    • Coat (we go out in all weathers).
    • Bookbag with reading book, reading record, WOW and home learning books.
    • Named, filled water bottle.
  • At the end of the day:
    • Please empty everything else out of your child's bookbag so that it is easier for staff to find things when we need them.

Latest information:

  • Please ensure we have waterproof clothing at school everyday and include a change of clothes to stay in their PE clothes if needed. (Tracksuit trousers would be fine).
  • Your child's PE clothes and indoor shoes will be coming home with them during the holiday. Please could you check everything is labelled and still fits.
  • We are part of the Christmas church service on 19th December.

Autumn Term Two 2017 2018

In PE this half term we will be taking part in Dance sessions with Mrs Mann.

As part of our PSED learning we had a letter from Prickles the hedgehog asking us for help to learn about fireworks and bonfires as he was confused and scared. It was a great opportunity for us to learn about nocturnal animals, firework/bonfire safety and use lots of descriptive vocabulary as well as mark making skills.

Autumn Term One 2017 2018

We had a very busy first half term in Reception. Here are a few photographs to show you some of the things that we did during September and October 2017.

Settling in.

We had to learn about our environment and get to know everyone. We agreed on rules to keep us happy and safe.

We went on an Autumn senses walk around our school grounds.

We heard a song about a muslim festival called Eid-al-Adha. It is celebrated with friends and family, eating special food, wearing best clothes and sharing presents. Many go to a mosque to pray. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about our families and the things we celebrate in our homes, linking this with having respect for others.

We also watched a clip about Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) on Cbeebies. It was good to find out about different places of worship that people go to.

We had our first PE lesson with Mrs Mann. This half term we concentrated on gymnastics.

Roald Dahl day

We chatted about 'The Enormous Crocodile' and thought about foods he might like. It was a great chance for us to talk about hygiene when eating and also discuss our school lunches and trying new foods. We also spoke about healthy and unhealthy foods.

Cooking with Mrs Bruce. We learn lots of new cooking skills as well as finding out about nutrition and food sources. We have to work together, follow instructions, measure....and so much more!

Chocolate cakes for our snack!

We followed instructions from a recipe and measured ingredients carefully to make our cakes. We then had them for our snack!

We harvested apples and pears from the garden to make our own crumbles. We learned to hold the knife safely when cutting the fruit.

For Harvest we made some 'hedgehog' rolls. We learned to knead the dough to put air into them to help them to rise.

We made delicious pizza faces. We spoke about healthy toppings we could use.

Playdough fun

We have a playdough station in our classroom. We have a whole bookcase full of things to use with it.

We made a display to help us remember some of the ways you could mould playdough. Can you describe what we are doing?


Harvest was a very busy time for us. We harvested some beans and read 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We even acted the story out with Mrs Idrissi in the hall.

Zoe brought in some grain and some flour from a visit to a mill she had with her family, which led to us making bread rolls and reading the 'Little Red Hen'.

We created a harvest prayer for the whole school service and learned a song about beans that we performed with Years One and Two to the whole school and many visitors. We loved doing the actions that went with it.

(More to follow).

Reverend Emily

We were sad to see Reverend Emily leave our school and St Michael's church. We made her a card to thank her for coming to read us bible stories every Friday morning. We each drew a picture and sent a message about why we enjoyed her visits.

Visit to St Michael's church

We visited Mrs Stanley to find out about St Michael's church. Mrs Stanley is the EYFS governor for our school and comes to visit us and our teachers. We particularly enjoyed going upstairs and seeing the beautiful stained glass window in the church office. We will visit many times throughout the year.

Science Alive

We visited Science Alive in Harlow. We learned about how germs spread and how we can keep healthy. Using playdough we even made our own germs.

There was a huge space dome there that we went in to learn about planets and stars. We made rockets and launched them into the air. It was a great day.

If you would like to visit them with contact them directly for further information - they are keen for families to use the service.


Rangoli patterns, mendhi patterns, clay diva lamps and hearing the Rama and Sita story all formed part of our learning about Diwali. We discussed celebrations and light as a symbol.

(Photos to follow)

We have learned so much more...

Here are a few other things that we got up to in the first half of the Autumn term.