Foundation Stage 2

Latest information:

Please check your emails and bookbags for latest information.

Our half term topic is: Traditional Tales.

Please see our new additional EYFS page with links to various websites and documents that you might find useful. We plan to add more to this over the Summer Term.

Weekly events:

Monday: PE. Whole school assembly.

Tuesday: Songs and Worship.

Wednesday: Reception and KS1 assembly. Mindfulness and wellbeing afternoon with Mrs Idrissi.

Thursday: 'I am special' class celebration

Friday: Library book day. Mystery reader. Mrs Stanley church assembly.

Daily reminders:

Water bottle

Bookbag (Please empty and check daily)

Wow, Home Learning and Reading Record books in bookbag.

Please check your child's clothes are still named.

Welcome to Reception!

When we started in Reception we discussed how to keep ourselves happy and safe at school. We came up with class and KS1 rules to all follow. We read a book called 'Have you filled a bucket today' and decided we wanted to be bucket fillers and not bucket dippers!

Have you filled a bucket today? Video (Youtube)

Each week in Reception we take part in lots of events and activities.

Dough disco:

The children regularly take part in dough disco. It is a great way for us to keep fit and get our muscles strong. There are lots of videos on the internet that you could try with your children at home, to any music of your choice! Have a go at making some playdough and joining in. It is a great way to keep fit!

Look at this video to give you a start:

You might like to try some of these dough disco moves:

Mystery reader:

Every Friday we invite a mystery reader into our class. The children never know who is going to appear at our door to share their favourite book. It is a great way for the children to hear books from different cultures, books that cover different themes, books that are familiar or might be new texts that they have not encountered before. Each reader presents the books in their own unique way.

I am special class assembly:

Each week we focus on a child in our class and invite in members of their family. We begin by welcoming our guests and sharing some special things from home. We then ask questions and find out more about their likes, dislikes and hobbies. At the end of the assembly we share reasons why the child is special to us and find out what makes them special to their families. We really enjoy this time as we learn so much about each other. We find out similarities and differences and also make links between home and school.

Here are a few photographs of some of the special things children have brought in so far this year:

Wellbeing and mindfulness:

Each week Mrs Idrissi works with us to help us with mindfulness. We are learning to talk about our feelings and use techniques to help us with our breathing and self control.





Breathing and being calm

Reflective and calm corner in Reception

We have our own calm corner in the classroom which we use to practise the techniques or to reflect during our choosing time.

Talk Tiger

Dressing up/Special days/Visitors:

Reception dressed up as Everyday heroes' as part of our Superhero topic.

Children in Need. We know it is important to raise money for charities that need our help. We all wore something spotty and brought in some money.

Football coach. We had great fun learning to control the ball and move in different ways.

Snowman Christmas party with KS1

Eve came to visit from Germany. She spent time in our class and then read a story to us and helped us to learn hello and goodbye in German. We then showed her how some children in our class could count to ten in other languages.

Spring Term:

This half term our topic is 'Winter Wonderland'. We will be reading fiction and non-fiction books about Penguins, Hot and cold countries.

Our gallery of role play areas:


Autumn Term:

We joined Year One and Year Two for a shared playtime session where we agreed some rules and were taught different games we might play out in the playground at lunchtime or in the afternoon.

In groups we explored our school and the grounds. We found lots of signs of Autumn and collected some things to create our own Autumn table.

Mrs Mann works with us on a Monday morning for PE. It took us a while to get into our PE clothes for the first time, but we all managed it! We had a great time in PE and learned to listen, follow instructions, work on our own and co-operate as a team while we were exercising.

It has been fun preparing for Harvest. We learned a song about a little seed with some actions to sing with Nursery and KS1 children. Learning about Harvest has been a great way for us to think about things that we are thankful for.

Our main topics for Autumn One were 'Superheroes' and 'Harvest'. Superheroes incorporates 'People who help us' and what qualities make us special.

Our gallery of role play areas:

The children lead which role play areas we have from their ideas and interests.

We have a committee whose job it is to think of ideas for the role play area, organise the class by getting them to vote for the one they would like the most, then work as a team to create the new role play, before modelling how to use it to their peers.

We find that it gives them a great sense of ownership and also includes their amazing ideas and skills in creating it.

Writing at the Vets

Feeling poorly at the Hospital

Space travel

Space travel

Poorly pets.


Science Alive, Harlow. We explored planets in the Space dome, built and launched rockets, found out about how germs spread and explored the Science Alive centre. It was a great day.

We went into a Space dome and learned about planets and stars.

We had to make our rockets and then launch them. We measured to see who could make it travel the furthest.

We practised cleaning giant teeth with a giant toothbrush.

Germs spread very we found with this glitter experiment!


Michelle the Librarian sang songs and read books to us. We even got to keep a copy of the book 'Little Monkey'.

St. Michael's Church.

EYFS 'Stay and play' sessions

Autumn Term 2018

During the Autumn Term we held two sessions. The first focused on 'Physical Development'a and the second 'Literacy'.

Fine motor patterns

Calm corner reading

Listening walk ears

Fine motor maths

Obstacle course

Mark making

Buried treasure sounds

Sequencing a story

Squares focus Art

Tricky word splat

Life Space.

We loved Harold the Giraffe and Nancy coming to visit. We learned all about the body, preparing for a sleepover and safety with medicines.