Reception Class (FS2)

Welcome to the Reception page. (FS2)

We hope you enjoy finding out about some of the things we get up to as well as information about our class. Don't forget to also look at the main newsletter for whole school events and further information.

Possible topics this half term:

Summer Term One:

  • Cooking independently.
  • Anniversary of Titanic.
  • Life Cycles.
  • Spring/Summer.
  • Earth day.
  • St George's day.
  • Trip to Discover.
  • National weather watching day.
  • Children's book week.
  • Star wars.
  • Ramadan.
  • Deaf awareness week.
  • UEFA football.
  • Minibeasts.
  • Superheroes.

Weekly information:

  • Monday - Whole school assembly (AM). Your child's library book is changed today only, so please ensure it is in your child's bookbag.
  • Tuesday - PE with Mrs Mann (AM). Group to computing room with Mrs Ashwood for technology experience. (AM) Songs and Worship whole school assembly (PM)
  • Wednesday - RE with Mrs Goulding (PM) Reception and KS1 assembly (PM)
  • Thursday - I am special class assembly. (PM) (2.40pm to 3.10pm approximately.) By invitation!
  • Friday - Church assembly with Nursery and Mrs Stanley. (AM)

Mystery reader session.

Each day:

  • Before school:
    • Please discuss your child's lunch choice with them.
    • Pass any communication for the office/teacher to the adult at the door. (Your child will know where to put their WOW books and home learning so leave that to them!)
    • If it is going to be hot please apply suncream to your child before school. Choose one that gives protection for the entire school day.
  • Please bring:
    • Jacket (we go out in all weathers).
    • Bookbag with reading book, reading record, WOW and home learning books.
    • Named, filled water bottle.
    • Sun hat. (We hope this will be needed!)
  • At the end of the day:
    • Please empty everything else out of your child's bookbag so that it is easier for staff to find things when we need them.
  • Please remember:
    • We are more than happy to chat to you: If it is something quick, then Mrs Stocker is at the door each morning from 8.40am to 8.55am. If it is something longer or confidential then you can either email the school office to arrange a meeting or mention it at the beginning of the day so that we can arrange a time.
    • At the end of the school day please wait until we have safely seen all of the children out before approaching the door to talk to us or to look for lost property, this is so that we can focus on the children's safety.

Latest information:

  • Please return your child's PE kit and waterproof clothing. Remember to include their indoor shoes. PE will be outside this half term so please provide trainers on a Tuesday/in PE kit. Check everything is still named!
  • Don't forget to sign up for 'I am special' slots. The sheet is on the white board.
  • Mystery reader slots are full but if you are particularly keen then we will happily find you a time.
  • If your child has been given a second 'home learning book' please continue to revisit their first book and go over previous learning. Both should remain in your child's bookbag please.
  • If your child has been given a second WOW book we will then keep the first one at school and put it onto our 'home learning table'. It will then be returned to you to keep, along with your child's learning journal, following transition to year One.

Summer Term One 2017 2018

Discover - Children's story centre in Stratford

Reception enjoyed a fantastic day out, visiting 'Discover'. We heard one of our favourite stories 'Charlie Cook's favourite book' and then discovered a secret world behind a bookshelf. We then got to play outside in the adventure playground before returning to school. It was a lovely day and all the grown ups were very proud of the children as they behaved beautifully. Our trip supported our learning about building stories.

Life cycle of a caterpillar

We followed some instructions to make healthy, fruit caterpillars. We had to think about how to be safe when using a knife and also safety when eating certain foods.

Some children found an Art activity showing them how to make butterflies and pom pom caterpillars, so we got busy out in the sunshine!

We found out about the life cycle of a caterpillar and linked it to our favourite text 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. It was a good chance for us to practise our sequencing skills including days of the week. A group of children worked independently to write the story, remembering lots of the key parts and writing beautifully.

We used information books and the internet to learn about the life cycle of a caterpillar then wrote our own factsheet. It was lovely to share the knowledge the children had about minibeasts and also use some great descriptive and topic vocabulary.

We have been learning about other minibeasts and their habitats too. We went for a walk to search for minibeast and kept a chart of the ones that we could find. We plan to continue this through the Summer term.

Hatching chicks

When we found out that Year Four were having chicks we decided to find out about the life cycle of a chick. We watched a short clip to see one hatching and learned about using an information book to find out facts. We can't wait to have a turn holding the chicks when they are a little bigger.

Mindful garden

Children helped to create our own EYFS mindful garden. They organised the stones we had decorated during wellbeing week and then helped to plant some flowers. The children will be responsible for helping to look after the garden. The children discussed what being mindful felt like for them and then generated a word bank. These words were put onto flowers and hung over the top of the garden. Why dont' you go and have a look at the garden to see what words Reception children came up with!

Doubling machine

The children worked in groups to make a doubling machine. First of all the children had to collaboratively decide how to build the machine and what 'doubling' might mean, they then used it to double single digit numbers. The children worked out what they thought the answer might be and then checked it with the machine. This is going to help us with future work about doubling, halving and sharing.

Spring Term Two 2017 2018


We learned about the Hindu festival of Holi. Following a clip of children celebrating Holi we thought we would have some Holi fun of our own. We decided throwing paint at each other in our school uniforms was probably not the best idea so we drew around some of our class members and then had fun throwing paint at the silhouettes! Children were great at making links with previous learning about other festivals and celebrations and places of worship.

St David's Day

One of the children brought in some Bara brith for us to try as part of their St David's day celebrations, it was absolutely delicious. After finding out some facts about Wales we took part in a few challenges. We observed some real daffodils and then painted them, we looked closely at the colours and shapes. We made our own Welsh flags with dragons too which led to lots of lovely description of dragons and discussion about stories that we had previously read. It was a good opportunity for us to look at a map of the UK and talk about where we live and how places are different too.

Snow fun

We couldn't have lots of snow and not go and explore. We linked it to previous learning about Antartica. The children thought about how to keep warm and safe in a snow storm. We tried to use all of our senses including catching snowflakes on our tongues.

Independent biscuit making

The children have been taught to use our class cooking area and are able to make cakes following a recipe without any grown up support (except for the oven part). We have introduced them to a new recipe which involved lots of counting and careful measuring to make biscuits. Whilst two children were learning to follow the recipe we had two other children writing the instructions independently as they went through each step. This is a great way to make writing purposeful. We also model how to record the measurements including tally charts.

Chinese New Year

The children found out about Chinese New Year. We created our own Chinese restaurant in the role play area and had a try at using chopsticks to pick up small pieces. The children watched how some children celebrate Chinese New Year and then took a quiz to see how much we had remembered. We read the story about how the years were named after animals, we then discussed whether we thought the animals acted fairly.

Feeling Good Week

We have had a lovely week!

We had lots of fun taking part in a trampolining session, this helped us to think about how exercise is good for our wellbeing.

Sara Thompson from the Wonder Tree led a session outside in the forest where we used our senses to explore the world around us, we thought about feelings and learned strategies to deal with negative emotions. Mrs Idrissi followed this session up by turning us into 'Senses Detectives' where we used our senses to look closely at nature and think about the 'here and now'.

We joined in with the rest of the school decorating our stones and then put them in a special place outside.

Mindful monkey is a new member of our class. He read us some mindful stories, played some games and taught us some breathing exercises. He took part in yoga sessions too.

We read 'Have you filled a bucket?' and then worked hard to fill as many buckets as we could! It was a lovely way to reinforce positive words and actions. It is a lovely text to use with small children to help them understand about feelings and how to take responsibility for their words and actions.

We took part in many other activities and experiences throughout the week, one of our favourite being 'emotions biscuits'!

Spring Term One 2017 2018


We were lucky to have some helpers work with the children to create a card for someone they love at home. When they had all finished their card we got together as a class and discussed feelings and positive behaviour traits.

Six nations Rugby

Children discussed clubs and sports that they are part of. This led to learning about rules and having to work hard to improve and learn new skills even if it isn't always easy for us. We spoke about healthy eating.

We thought about how to be respectful to people supporting different teams.

Polar regions

We found out about Penguins and researched information. We then wrote facts about them.

We found out about ways that animals protect themselves from weather and linked it to how we look after ourselves during different seasons.

A new baby

One of our children had a new baby sister so we took the opportunity to look at how the Reception children had changed from babies to now and then think about what we would be like in the future. This led to lots of discussion about families, similarities and differences. We also spoke about how we can communicate feelings now that we can speak and reinforced the work we have been doing in PSED about emotions.

We found out about how to care for a baby and set up a baby clinic in our outside role play area. Children then made decorations to celebrate, cards and even a cake to send home.

We learned about animals and their babies and used information books to help us.

Language for Literacy

We have been learning to create story maps and mountains using simple pictures and labels. We then use these to act out our stories with friends, creating our own props and music. Adults sometimes scribe our stories for us.


Children have previously learned about colour wheels and mixing. We have been using this experience to hot and cold places and mindful work about feelings.

Children created their own version of Kadinsky's 'Squares with Concentric Circles'. We celebrated our final compositions and reflected on how each was interpreted in its own way.

Pancake day

Children have been learning to use our independent cooking area. They have to prepare the area, collect all ingredients and materials before following a recipe to make their own pancakes....they then have to clean and tidy everything away. We taught them how to follow a recipe card to make their own panackes and read books including 'Rhino's don't eat pancakes' and 'Mr Wolf's pancakes'.

Australia Day

One of our parents has links with Australia and very kindly gave the children a Lamington cake to try - they were delicious. The children wanted to find out more about Australia so we looked at photographs, found out facts about Australia, used maps and even saw and handled a real didgeridoo and boomerang. We then created our own passports! It was a great way for children to recall their own experiences of travel, find out about the world around them and make links with our experiences of celebrations and places.

Internet safety

In Reception we are always talking about ways to keep ourselves safe in all situations. This message about safety is reinforced everytime we use the internet as a resource at school.

The children listened to the story of 'Smartie the Penguin.' We discussed the story and made posters to help others learn about safety on the internet.

You can find the story here: You might like to share this story again with your child.

We also reflected on previous learning about the impact of our words and actions online or in person. We learned about kindness.

Whole School Maths day

Such a busy day! The children learned about Tu B'Shevat and made their own seasons wheels. They looked at sequencing time in lots of ways.

Children made their own cakes, using the balance scales and following a simple recipe. It took lots of careful counting and measuring to get it right.

Children paid at the shop for toys to play with using real coins. Initially they found this quite tricky and soon realised you had to look carefully at the value of the coin to know how much to give.

Shape bingo got children talking about 2D and 3D shapes. This linked nicely with looking for shapes in our environment.

We buddied up with Nursery and played a great team game outside with beanbags and buckets. We had to add up our points and find a way to record our scores. This led to lots of discussion and problem solving.

RE day: Buddhism

Mrs Paldon came to speak to us about Buddhism. We found about lots of information and heard the story of Buddha.

We created our own Tibetan prayer flags. We thought about a prayer or a wish that we wanted for someone else, an animal or for our world.

We then hung them onto ribbon and added them to our Buddhist role play area.

We created our own Mandala pictures with our parent helpers using our own choice of materials.

A group of children helped to create a Buddhist temple.

Some children chose to make their own Buddhist temples after RE day. They worked completed independently during their 'child-initiated play' time.

Meditation and yoga was a great way to end the day. The children made lots of really positive comments about the session and found it very 'peaceful' and 'calming'.

In PE this half term we will be taking part in Dance sessions with Mrs Mann.

Autumn Term Two 2017 2018

We continued our learning about Diwali. We had already learned about ‘Rama and Sita’ and read books and watched clips about Diwali celebrations.

When learning about bonfire night we received a letter from Prickles the hedgehog asking us to teach him about being safe and stop him from feeling scared. We then had a visit from Savannah, a rescued hedgehog, the visit helped us to learn about nocturnal animals and find out how to protect wild animals. We made our own hedgehog house outside. We also made hedgehog models from clay and looked for natural objects to put into them to make their features.

Remembrance day gave us time to think about how to show respect and care for others and how to be thankful. We watched a lovely animation and spoke about feelings.

We visited the local library and learned about the things that we can do there. We even got our own copy of ‘Bumblebear’ to keep. Michelle the librarian showed us all the different parts of the library.

During anti-bullying week we read a story about ‘odd socks’ and learned about valuing each other’s differences. We sorted behaviour photos and discussed positive and negative behaviour. This led on to us speaking about ways we could resolve problems and compromise or look for solutions. We talked about voting and making things as fair as we can, understanding that sometimes other people won’t agree with us.

As part of parliament week, we learned about voting, listening to others and helping people. We had a visit from two of St Michael’s school council and found out how they were elected and the sorts of things they do to help us. We asked lots of questions.

The coram life bus came to visit. We met Harold the Giraffe and learned about the body and being healthy.

For the Reception and KS1 nativity we helped our teachers to create a dance. We listened to the music and modelled ways we thought we might move. We chose some of the moves to go into our dance that we then performed to the school and grown-ups. We were so proud of ourselves. We sang and danced beautifully.

We have been busy ‘St Michael’s elves’. We made Christmas cards, calendars, Christmas decorations, Christmas cakes, party hats and so much more!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without our Christmas lunch and Christmas party. They were so much fun!

We are looking forward to another exciting term after the holidays.

Autumn Term One 2017 2018

We had a very busy first half term in Reception. Here are a few photographs to show you some of the things that we did during September and October 2017.

Settling in.

We had to learn about our environment and get to know everyone. We agreed on rules to keep us happy and safe.

We went on an Autumn senses walk around our school grounds.

We heard a song about a muslim festival called Eid-al-Adha. It is celebrated with friends and family, eating special food, wearing best clothes and sharing presents. Many go to a mosque to pray. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about our families and the things we celebrate in our homes, linking this with having respect for others.

We also watched a clip about Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) on Cbeebies. It was good to find out about different places of worship that people go to.

We had our first PE lesson with Mrs Mann. This half term we concentrated on gymnastics.

Roald Dahl day

We chatted about 'The Enormous Crocodile' and thought about foods he might like. It was a great chance for us to talk about hygiene when eating and also discuss our school lunches and trying new foods. We also spoke about healthy and unhealthy foods.

Cooking with Mrs Bruce. We learn lots of new cooking skills as well as finding out about nutrition and food sources. We have to work together, follow instructions, measure....and so much more!

Chocolate cakes for our snack!

We followed instructions from a recipe and measured ingredients carefully to make our cakes. We then had them for our snack!

We harvested apples and pears from the garden to make our own crumbles. We learned to hold the knife safely when cutting the fruit.

For Harvest we made some 'hedgehog' rolls. We learned to knead the dough to put air into them to help them to rise.

We made delicious pizza faces. We spoke about healthy toppings we could use.

Playdough fun

We have a playdough station in our classroom. We have a whole bookcase full of things to use with it.

We made a display to help us remember some of the ways you could mould playdough. Can you describe what we are doing?


Harvest was a very busy time for us. We harvested some beans and read 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We even acted the story out with Mrs Idrissi in the hall.

Zoe brought in some grain and some flour from a visit to a mill she had with her family, which led to us making bread rolls and reading the 'Little Red Hen'.

We created a harvest prayer for the whole school service and learned a song about beans that we performed with Years One and Two to the whole school and many visitors. We loved doing the actions that went with it.

Reverend Emily

We were sad to see Reverend Emily leave our school and St Michael's church. We made her a card to thank her for coming to read us bible stories every Friday morning. We each drew a picture and sent a message about why we enjoyed her visits.

Visit to St Michael's church

We visited Mrs Stanley to find out about St Michael's church. Mrs Stanley is the EYFS governor for our school and comes to visit us and our teachers. We particularly enjoyed going upstairs and seeing the beautiful stained glass window in the church office. We will visit many times throughout the year.

Science Alive

We visited Science Alive in Harlow. We learned about how germs spread and how we can keep healthy. Using playdough we even made our own germs.

There was a huge space dome there that we went in to learn about planets and stars. We made rockets and launched them into the air. It was a great day.

If you would like to visit them with contact them directly for further information - they are keen for families to use the service.


Rangoli patterns, mendhi patterns, clay diva lamps and hearing the Rama and Sita story all formed part of our learning about Diwali. We discussed celebrations and light as a symbol.

See Autumn Term Two for photographs.

We have learned so much more...

Here are a few other things that we got up to in the first half of the Autumn term.