Foundation Stage 2

Weekly events:

Monday: PE. Whole school assembly.

Tuesday: Songs and Worship.

Wednesday: Reception and KS1 assembly.

Thursday: 'I am special' class celebration

Friday: Library book day. Mystery reader. Mrs Stanley church assembly.

Daily reminders:

Water bottle

Bookbag (Please empty and check daily)

Wow, Home Learning and Reading Record books in bookbag.

Please check your child's clothes are still named.

Welcome to Reception!

It has been lovely to see the children from last year's Nursery start Reception so beautifully after the Summer break, they look very smart in their new school uniforms. They have been joined by our new children from other settings who have also settled in brilliantly, making our Reception class complete. We have been learning lots about each other, particularly how to ask names and make friends, where things are in our environment and building relationships with grown ups. We have really enjoyed sharing the books that the children made in the holidays with their families, we have learned lots about each other already and found we have many things in common. We have also found out who to go to if we want to learn about something like Star Wars, Aquariums, Planets amongst many other things!

As a class we have been working together to decide how we can make our class a happy place to learn. We have created our own class rules and learned all about being a 'bucket filler'. It has been great fun exploring our inside and outside environment and learning to be responsible and independent.

We joined Year One and Year Two for a shared playtime session where we agreed some rules and were taught different games we might play out in the playground at lunchtime or in the afternoon.

In groups we explored our school and the grounds. We found lots of signs of Autumn and collected some things to create our own Autumn table.

The children have been introduced to 'Dough Disco'. It is a great way for us to keep fit and get our muscles strong.

Mrs Mann works with us on a Monday morning for PE. It took us a while to get into our PE clothes for the first time, but we all managed it! We had a great time in PE and learned to listen, follow instructions, work on our own and co-operate as a team while we were exercising.

It has been fun preparing for Harvest. We learned a song about a little seed with some actions to sing with Nursery and KS1 children. Learning about Harvest has been a great way for us to think about things that we are thankful for.

Our main topics for Autumn One are 'Superheroes' and 'Harvest'. Superheroes incorporates 'People who help us' and what qualities make us special.