Foundation Stage 1

Signs of Spring

This week we have been 'Spring Detectives' looking for signs of spring.

We used our senses to investigate.

Magnifiers 'made things bigger' and it was easier to see the tiny buds and crocuses. We found some herbs and used our sense of smell to discover the ones we liked. We even heard a woodpecker!

We recorded some of the signs we saw by taking photographs.

Wellbeing Week 19th to 23rd February

We began the week by reading ‘The Lemonade Hurricane’ by Licia Morelli.

The book tells the story of a sister who helps her brother with his busy life, by showing him the benefits of mindfulness, so that they can enjoy each other’s company more.

We thought about the things we do and our busy lives. We talked about what we did to be calm and relaxed.

Each morning we did short mindfulness activities such as;

‘Mindful breaths’, ‘Mountain rising’, ‘Reflection pond’ and ‘Inhaling the Universe’, to help us to learn ways to be calm and deal with worries by using our imaginations and breathing techniques.

Our favourite activity, ‘Tummy Ride’, involved us lying down and putting a soft toy on our tummies, and as we breathed in and out, we had to try not to let the toys fall.

We also joined with the reception class to use the outside area to learn about mindfulness by using our senses to explore the environment.

We had lots of fun this week trying new things like trampolining and painting stones. We enjoyed them all the more because we were able to be calm, whilst also using our imaginations and senses to notice more about ourselves and our feelings.

Whole School Maths Day

Monday's Maths Day inspired a whole week of maths in the nursery class.

Traditional Stories and Rhymes

This half term we have been exploring nursery rhymes and story telling using story maps.

Stories and rhymes we have been looking at include, The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Humpty Dumpty and Five Little Speckled Frogs among others.

School RE Day - Buddhism

As part of the whole school RE day, the children had a visit from Mrs Paldon who talked to them about Buddhism. They listened to some music from Tibet and explored the sounds of a variety of instruments including singing bowls. The children decorated some mandalas - designs which represent the universe.

The children have created a calm area in the classroom where they can go to think, imagine and play quiet music. This was inspired by learning about the Buddha who found enlightenment as he sat under the Bodhi tree.

Nativity Photos

The children performed 'A Miracle in Town' to their families at the end of the autumn term.

They enjoyed dressing up and telling the story of the Nativity through songs.

Anti bullying week 2017

The children have been learning that they are 'All different' and 'All equal'.

They have each been making mini versions of themselves to add to the class display.

Write Dance

The Nursery Class started Write Dance in November. Write Dance is an activity we do every week to develop writing skills. Please follow the link below for more information.

Autumn Walk October 2017

The nursery children went on an Autumn walk last week.

We wanted to hear what sounds there were in the school grounds in Autumn.

'What's that noise?' 'Crunch, crunch' 'It's only the leaves crunching under our feet.'

'What's that noise?' 'Crack, crack' It's only the sticks cracking as we jump on them.

'What's that noise?' 'Tweet, tweet' It's only the birds in the trees.

'What's that noise?' 'Meow, meow' ' It's only a cat meowing in the hedge'

We also heard an aeroplane and some cars.

On our walk we found some exciting things.