Foundation Stage 1

Don't forget:

  • PE is on a Monday - comfortable leggings or joggers are best please!
  • Library books are changed on a Tuesday.
  • WOW books are welcome any day - ask your child to pop their book in the WOW basket!
  • Children can bring in a small toy from home for the talk table - please ensure this is nothing too precious!

Mobile Zoo

Garg came to visit us with a fantastic selection of animals: from an owl to an armadillo to a snake and a fruit bat. We were all so excited to see the animals and brave enough to touch them! We found out lots of facts about each animal and asked some super questions. The class have not stopped talking about it! If your children want more, Garg is appearing with his animals at Cammas Hall in the half term. Link here.

Bug hunt

We went on a bug hunt around the Little Roots garden and the school field. We took our magnifying glasses with us so we could get really close! We managed to find lots of different bugs but needed to hunt quite hard to find them. How many bugs can you see in your garden or when you are going for a walk? Remember to take good care of them and if you do hold them to put them back in their home!


The Year 4 chicks hatched and some children brought them to Nursery for us to have a look at them. We were able to asked the older children questions about the chicks and give them a stroke!

Books, cake and hot chocolate...

We were lucky enough to walk into town and visit a bookshop and a café. We used our World Book Day tokens to pay for the books and then read them with a drink and some food in the café. We learnt how to pay for what we wanted to buy and to wait for our change. We made sure we said please and thank you when talking to the shop and café workers. We had a lovely time with our friends.

Jack and the Beanstalk...

We have used the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for our display board. We drew around Joe to create the giant and then painted the main characters. We looked at mixing colours to find the exact shade of green we needed for the beanstalk and added some orange flowers. We found our puppet theatre and made our own puppets so we could retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to our friends. We made our own books using pictures from the story, folding some paper and sticking the images in the correct order - some of us even wrote our own words. One morning we found giant's footprints in the classroom and set about comparing them to our footprints and finding different ways to measure them. We also planted our beans outside in the hope they will grow into huge beanstalks.

Spring has sprung!

This half term we are focussing on growing. We have created a new role-play area - the potting house. We are able to find a pot, add some compost and a seed and even label what we have planted. We sometimes even find 'worms' in the soil which we have made into a witches brew! We have planted some bean seeds in sandwich bags to watch the roots and stems begin to sprout - you may have seen these on the window! Once they have sprouted we will be planting them outside in the Little Roots Garden. We are trying to 'grow a rainbow' with some carnations. We added food colouring to the water and are observing to see if the flowers, leaves and stems change colour. We have also started to look for signs of Spring outside and one child found some daffodils growing in the garden and took a photo. We even enjoyed making some Welsh cakes and sharing the ones Mrs Boxford brought in for us to celebrate St. David's Day.

Prayer Trail

During the week leading up to the Prayer Trail Nursery took part in some of the activities.

We made clay Diva lamps and Myra reminded us of the celebration ‘It’s called Diwali.’

We burnt incense and used our mindful bottles as we talked about mindfulness and how we can control our breathing to help us focus and feel calm.

We made our own Peace Malas talking about some of the religions and how we are at the centre.

At the end of the week we followed the Labyrinth and thought about each part of the Lord’s Prayer. Kirsty said she would help others by ‘sharing her house.’


We all love our Monday morning PE sessions with Mrs Mann and particularly enjoyed being able to try out the equipment and think of different ways to travel on and over it!

Chinese New Year

We enjoy celebrating different festivals in Nursery and have recently learned about Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Pig and we found out all about how the years were named and why they are in a certain order. We also tried to do some Chinese writing using black paint and red paper. We even made our own dragon!

Building, building, building!

We weren't really having work done in the Nursery it was a new role-play area! We were able to design our buildings first using our clipboards, make sure we were wearing hard hats and hi-vis jackets (safety first!) and even have a well-earned tea break!


In RE we have been looking at ceremonies of belonging. We talked about Christenings and found out about what is used during the ceremony. This spurred some of the children to create their own Christening ceremony by making a font and baptising some of the toys we have in Nursery. From this Mrs Stanley arranged a visit to St. Michael's Church to have a look at the font their and she led us through the ceremony including the lighting of a candle.

Winter Wonderland

We have had so much fun playing in the snow and exploring ice both inside and out! We made some Winter mindful bottles and have enjoyed using them to help us focus on our breathing.

It's a jungle out there!

Our topic for this half term is the Jungle. We have created our own exploring space in the classroom and enjoy looking in detail at bugs and animals. We have also made some of our own junk model animals and learnt a rhyme about 5 little monkeys.

Stay and Play - November.

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend this half term's stay and play session. We had a super time showing you the Nursery and focusing on listening skills. Here are some photos of us playing with the activities.

Anti-Bullying week.

We marked anti-bullying week by focusing on kindness. We talked about filling buckets and we are working really hard on using 'Kind Hands'; 'Kind Thoughts'; and 'Kind Words'. We watched the official video to discuss 'Respect'. Here is a link to the song - we loved it in Nursery!

As Autumn comes to an end we have made some season mindfulness bottles. We filled our bottles with Autumn colours, leaves and a bit of sparkle. We have enjoyed laying on our tummies whilst calming music plays and watching the objects in our bottles float about. We almost fell asleep! We hope to make another bottle for the next season. Here are some photos of us making and using the bottles and a link to the sounds we have been listening to.


We were so lucky at the beginning of November to be joined in the Nursery by Myra's mummy. She told us all about Diwali and how her family celebrate and showed us lots of photos and some special lamps which will light up their home.

Everyday Heroes in Nursery!

We had a lovely session dressing up for the morning. We came as a wide range of heroes: from nurses and doctors to police officers, teachers, vets, firefighters, builders and refuse collectors. We talked about people who help us throughout the morning and sang a song about everyday heroes.


We were lucky enough for Mrs Ashwood to come and talk to us about Nabikabala and all the work that has been going on in the school. We looked at photos of the school hall and some of the children. Mrs Ashwood gave us a special doll to remind us of Nabikabala.

Stay and Play

Thank you all for coming to our first Stay and Play session. We all had a lovely time showing you some of the activities we do in the Foundation Stage.

Watch this space for the next one!

We have been learning our Harvest song for the festival on Thursday 4th October. We are singing 'I'm a little seed' (to the tune of 'I'm a little teapot'). You might hear us humming it at home!

We have started our PE sessions with Mrs Mann - they are great fun!

We have also started our 'Funky Fingers' activities which we do every morning when we come in. These help build our fine motor skills.

We have been on an Autumn walk - looking and listening out for signs of Autumn. We found acorns, pine cones and 'helicopters'. We looked at all the different colours starting to appear on the trees. We listened carefully for birds but they stopped singing whenever we stopped talking!

We also had an impromptu 'conker hunt' when the strong winds blew lots of conkers from the tree by Nursery. We could see them through the gates but couldn't reach them, so a few of us went to explore!

Welcome to Nursery! What a busy time we have had in our few short weeks at St. Michael's! Here are some photos of our first few settling in weeks.

We are having a super time exploring the environment, making new friends and choosing what we would like to play with!