Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Nursery!

In Nursery we try to keep to a regular routine as much as possible so the children know what to expect. Each day we will start with Funky Fingers, we then move onto taking the official register and talking about the day including any new resources or activities, before letting the children have their choosing time. During this, any adult-directed groups will take place and the children will be able self serve their own snack. We will then have a big tidy (the children are learning to 'choose it, use it and put it away'), followed by Dough Disco and some carpet time for a story and singing before getting ready to go home. It is a packed morning!

A few reminders:

  • PE is on a Monday (joggers/leggings are best please).
  • Please bring a named water bottle everyday.
  • WOW books - we love seeing them and the children love sharing them - please remind your child to place them in the basket near the rainbow.
  • Please write any changes to normal pick-ups on the board outside the door - please keep a check on this for any communications from us.

We have begun thinking about the first Christmas in Nursery. We dressed up in some of the costumes we use for the Nativity and retold the story using figures, some farm animals and a stable. We have enjoyed learning this part of Jesus’s life and are looking forward to sharing it with our grown-ups next week.

With thoughts of the Nativity, we have also begun to think about the coming Christmas and Mrs Bruce has been busy, not cooking, but showing the children how to use clay to create some fantastic decorations to hang at home. It will be a busy couple of weeks in the run up to the end of term and we are looking forward to all it brings.

Scarf - Coram education...

We were lucky to have a visit from Harold the Giraffe and his friend Nancy! We went to the hall where a big tent had been set up. We went inside and learned all about what we need to give our bodies energy. We helped Harold with his packed lunch box and talked about food that is healthy and food that can be eaten as a treat sometimes. We thought about different ways we travel to school and acted them out. We finished the session watching the 'stars'.

We're going on a bear hunt...

This week Nursery have been on an adventure! It started on Tuesday with a retelling of 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen. The children acted out the story using small world props and created a story map. Then, on Wednesday we went around the classroom and Little Roots garden to hunt for a bear. We travelled 'under' the car wash, 'through' the Autumn leaves, 'over' the rickety-rackety bridge, 'around' the playground and finally into the 'quiet room' and found our bear (who turned out to be a very friendly bear!). At the end of the session we created a new story map of our adventure.

Mark-making and Maths...

We have been mark-making both inside and outside, making shopping lists, writing patient notes, designing buildings and copying letters from our names. We also took part in the ‘Big Draw’ just before half term and turned a hole in a piece of paper into a piece of artwork. Maths is a big part of all our learning in Nursery and we have been measuring, ordering, comparing, weighing and making patterns.

Funky Fingers

Please see below this half term's Funky Fingers planning. Do feel free to try any of the activities at home to build up your child's fine motor skills.

Funky Fingers Nursery Autumn 1.pdf

Our first weeks...

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Nursery! We have been getting to know each other, learning to

use the environment, following routines and generally having fun! We have made a great start to our

St. Michael’s journey!