Foundation Stage 1

Still growing...

We have been continuing our ‘growing’ theme in Nursery and have now planted our sunflowers and potatoes. The sunflowers have already started to show their shoots and we are anticipating lots of competitiveness (including from the teachers!) over whose will be the tallest. Our bean seeds are being a bit more stubborn so we have moved them in the hope of some warm sunshine! However, our indoor beanstalk is growing more and more leaves as we have painted a stalk, cut out and named our own leaves, measured how tall we are and added the leaves at our height! We used our Squiggle skills this week to draw some seeds, a beanstalk, the sun and some rain – practising these shapes first in the air with scarves helped us create super drawings. We have also used our Dough Disco skills to make some flowers out of clay. We rolled, splatted and pinched our way to super flower shapes. We have even printed some pictures using vegetables – we especially liked using different colours for the vegetables, such as purple leeks and orange broccoli!


We’ve come back from the Easter break with a bounce in our step ready to start focussing on ‘Growing’. In just three short days, we have already been extra busy! We have read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, acted it out with props, drawn a story map, made our own ‘Jack’ books, planted some beans (we are keeping our fingers crossed for a castle at the top of our beanstalks!), thought about what seeds need to help them grow, investigated various seeds – thinking about how they are the same and how they are different…! Phew, what a super start to the term! We are also hoping to plant out some potatoes and sunflowers seeds when the early morning frosts have passed!

Back to school

What an exciting return to school we have had! We are all so pleased to be back and have enjoyed exploring both inside and outside again. We brought in some plants to brighten up the Little Roots Garden and set about digging holes and watering in our contributions. They have really cheered up a corner of the garden and we are keeping a close eye on how they are growing and changing.

We were also lucky enough to have a surprise visitor… a dragon! She was hiding under some fabric one morning, so we carefully uncovered her, only to find she had laid an egg! This inspired us to make some dragon eggs of our own. We used our Dough Disco skills and rolled some clay into an egg shape – this is harder than it sounds! – we then added a few very special gems to make the egg nice and shiny. We also painted our own dragons and built castles out of anything we could find!

Nativity and Christmas

Nursery have really embraced the ‘Christmas spirit’ over the last few weeks. We have noticed a lot of kindness, politeness and sharing around the classroom - we are trying hard to ‘fill buckets’ every day! We have also been looking at ‘The First Christmas’ and really enjoy acting it out using the small world characters. We loved singing our part for the KS1 and EYFS Christmas Extravaganza – keep an eye on your inboxes for a link to the performances! We have even had time to create our calendars on the computer, make decorations with Pat, paint our Christmas cards and write in them (dressing up as a Star was optional!) We are looking forward to another packed week and wish everyone a happy and restful break.


You may have heard your children talking about our Squiggle sessions. We put on some music, grab the scarves and make big shapes in the air - all in the name of gross motor development of course! We then grab pens and draw our shapes on a huge piece of paper - practising our fine motor! So far we have learnt the moves: Up and Down, Side to Side (including Cross Over), Circles, Rainbows, Smiles and Swirls! Ask your child if they can show you one of the moves using their arms or draw one on paper!


We have been playing in the Little Roots Garden A LOT over the past few weeks! We have been exploring all the resources and thinking of different ways of using them. We made a giant hoopla game and challenged ourselves to get more hoops over, we built ramps for cars to see how far and quickly they would travel, we drew chalk fireworks. We even went on a shape hunt during our daily mile!

Class Charter

Inside the classroom we have set up our ‘Class Charter’. We decided what we wanted from our time in Nursery and what we would need to do to ensure those things happened.


We have been busy learning about all things autumn over the last few weeks in Nursery. We looked for signs of autumn around the school, talked about the changing colours, printed with sticks, conkers, leaves and pinecones and even hammered holes into pumpkins! We also talked about Harvest and learned the Harvest Samba song –which we will probably be singing all year!

Fun Learning...

We are beginning to learn all the routines in Nursery and have taken part in some fun activities!

Dough Disco

Learning all the moves and swinging our hips!


Listening carefully and following instructions.

Running Track

Our Daily Mile!


We have started our phonics sessions - we are learning to really use our ears by having listening moments and identifying different sounds. We have also had fun outside discovering the sound different objects make when we 'drum' them. Click here to see us drumming around the garden!

Working together...

Our first few weeks...

Getting to know each other and our new environment.