Foundation Stage 1


You may have heard your children talking about our Squiggle sessions. We put on some music, grab the scarves and make big shapes in the air - all in the name of gross motor development of course! We then grab pens and draw our shapes on a huge piece of paper - practising our fine motor! So far we have learnt the moves: Up and Down, Side to Side (including Cross Over), Circles, Rainbows, Smiles and Swirls! Ask your child if they can show you one of the moves using their arms or draw one on paper!


We have been playing in the Little Roots Garden A LOT over the past few weeks! We have been exploring all the resources and thinking of different ways of using them. We made a giant hoopla game and challenged ourselves to get more hoops over, we built ramps for cars to see how far and quickly they would travel, we drew chalk fireworks. We even went on a shape hunt during our daily mile!

Class Charter

Inside the classroom we have set up our ‘Class Charter’. We decided what we wanted from our time in Nursery and what we would need to do to ensure those things happened.


We have been busy learning about all things autumn over the last few weeks in Nursery. We looked for signs of autumn around the school, talked about the changing colours, printed with sticks, conkers, leaves and pinecones and even hammered holes into pumpkins! We also talked about Harvest and learned the Harvest Samba song –which we will probably be singing all year!

Fun Learning...

We are beginning to learn all the routines in Nursery and have taken part in some fun activities!

Dough Disco

Learning all the moves and swinging our hips!


Listening carefully and following instructions.

Running Track

Our Daily Mile!


We have started our phonics sessions - we are learning to really use our ears by having listening moments and identifying different sounds. We have also had fun outside discovering the sound different objects make when we 'drum' them. Click here to see us drumming around the garden!

Working together...

Our first few weeks...

Getting to know each other and our new environment.