Foundation Stage 1

Nativity Photos

Reminder about Christmas Nativity

The children are looking forward to performing their nativity play 'A Miracle in Town', on Tuesday 12th December at 11.30 am in the FS1 classroom.

Anti bullying week 2017

The children have been learning that they are 'All different' and 'All equal'.

They have each been making mini versions of themselves to add to the class display.

Write Dance

The Nursery Class started Write Dance in November. Write Dance is an activity we do every week to develop writing skills. Please follow the link below for more information.

Autumn Walk October 2017

The nursery children went on an Autumn walk last week.

We wanted to hear what sounds there were in the school grounds in Autumn.

'What's that noise?' 'Crunch, crunch' 'It's only the leaves crunching under our feet.'

'What's that noise?' 'Crack, crack' It's only the sticks cracking as we jump on them.

'What's that noise?' 'Tweet, tweet' It's only the birds in the trees.

'What's that noise?' 'Meow, meow' ' It's only a cat meowing in the hedge'

We also heard an aeroplane and some cars.

On our walk we found some exciting things.